ktbasspl Hi. BP. I hope your Passover Week/Easter Weekend was Great. I am currently in Recovery from MY past week. Stay Blessed everyone! - April 01, 2013 add/view comments (0)

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WHASSUP... My name is K.T.Tyler... I am a Professional Musician, and I travel all over the place.
I'll probably be near you somewhere, sometime... I will try my best to keep you posted about this, as I learn to navigate these BlackPlanet pages as well...

I am originally from the beautiful city of Chicago.I also lived in Vegas and Reno for a total of 12 years... couldn't WAIT to get away from there...I got Married in May of "94", and Divorced in March of "96" (I was married, SHE wasn't... Long story short, last time I saw her, she was a Prostitute in Veags... But, I'm not bitter... WHERE'S MY CUT???)
I have been living in the LA area since "03"...
I got married AGAIN in September of last year...(Skeptical once, Skeptical again... Sorry...) Still, I am a very positive , open-minded person, and very friendly. Always looking for friendships, as as said earlier, I travel all the time.
I am into various styles of Music, and Sports, (LOVE MY CHICAGO TEAMS!!!) as most men tend to be. I am a avid Golfer, trying to go around 5 or six times a month (unless it's too hot... like it's been here lately...)
I have a spot on MySpace, and Earthlink as well... Both have video of my performance(s) (The Files are too big to download on here... Sorry for the Inconvience...) If you're interested in checking me out some more. then you can go there...
If any of you are in the LA area, then you need to come and check out my Group, Sidemen Inc., at various spots around the area... Hit me back if you're interested in this, as you can send me your e-mail addy, and I can hit you back with the info...
All in all. I wish you all the Best in Everything you go for, and let's Love each other... For we're only "Renting OUT" our PHYSICAL SPACES, and we have to "Return Them" at the end of our Physical Journeys, just like a Rental Car... And, when we all meet up in the Magical Ultimate Nightspot, The "Upper Room", so to speak, we'll all be together once again, but Spirituially Re-Aquainted, and not by the Internet...


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I Been gone awhile...


I had to figure out how to use this blog, use it well, and use it to my advantage...So I went and tried to Edju39;ma39;cate Myself, so that I39;d be better prepared to converse with you all...Even though my typing skills are still a little slow,and my Computer knowledge is still a little Lacking, I39;m ready to come back online to BP and take on the world... Or, at least the few floks that are slower that I... Been doing a lot of gigs around town and abroad. Vegas, Detroit, Ohio, next will... (continue reading)

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