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    July 17, 2001

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    Indianapolis, IN

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I'm an open minded female. I enjoy conversation and passion and creativity.

Six times a year I Host Invitation Only Adult Events. My Events are open to: Couples, Single Females and Single Males. NEXT EVENT: Saturday, April 25, 2009 THEME: ER NITE! Contact Ms. Jewcee at: for more info...

I enjoy the world of submission. I am not a 'slave' and I submit to NO MAN who is not willing to enjoy what I have to offer. To further understand what "type" of submissive I am, please read below:

Submission occurs in both males and females in about equal proportions. Although men and women may express it differently, they share this trait.

Submission is not a sign of weakness or inferiority. Some of the strongest, most successful people in our society are submissive in their personal relationships.

Submission does not indicate lack of intelligence or motivation. Most submissives are very intelligent, creative and are highly motivated people.

Submission is not a hidden desire for pain or humiliation. Some masochistic people may turn to the D/s or BDSM lifestyle in order to fulfill their needs for these things but there are many more gentle, loving individuals who are quite happy not to receive either humiliation or pain.

Submission is not the same as passivity. Submissives are not passive. They participate actively and are thinking individuals.

Submission is not something that can be demanded or forced. The definition of the word means it is a willing act. A submissive submits because they have chosen to do so, not because someone forced them.
Submission is not a miserable state of existence. Most submissives are happy, well balanced people who are simply fulfilling their nature.

Submission is not slavery. All slaves are submissive but not all submissives are slaves. A submissive has not given up their right to choose but has given some of those choices to another to make for them. They have input into their relationship and maintain their identity.

Submission does not indicate sexual promiscuity. Submissives are not sex crazed nymphomaniacs who cannot control their drives. Most are husbands or wives, mothers or fathers, friends, neighbors, workers, or family members who have a need to relinquish control of some aspects of their lives to someone they trust. It isn't a sex's a condition of the heart.

This sub excells at mutual respect and erocitism. This sub enjoys the Lifestyle to the fullest with the RIGHT Dom.


Teaching is also what I do.  I teach men and women about the Dom/sub Lifestyle...erasing many myths.  There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to have a Dom/sub or Dom/slave relationship.  The two involved should have what is comfortable for them.  Like everything else in life, there are levels.  The Dom/sub or Dom/slave chose which level they are most comforable with.

Above I have discussed submission.  Below I will discuss what I feel a TRUE DOM is...

Many people have a 'misconception' of what a Dom/sub relationship really is. Some find it hard to fathom - others have their own idea's, but don't truly understand the depth of what this type of relationship means. It's not all about collars & control, whips & chains, or humiliation & groveling. What this type of relationship is REALLY about is: TRUST and MUTUAL SATISFACTION

I hope that the fella's that visit my page will take just a few minutes to read this post and gain more understanding into the Dom/sub lifestyle...for it is truly wonderful to have a woman submit to a man that she cherishes.


Above all else he cherishes his submissive, in the knowledge that the gift she gives him is the greatest of all. He can be demanding at times and may take full advantage of the power given to him, but knows how to share the pleasure and show the respect that comes from that precious gift.

He is in control of himself first and foremost, so that he may guide his sub to new areas of arousal and pleasure. As a firm Dom, he can cause his sub to shed real tears, not from pain but wanting to please him because she is always pleased and taken care of by him.. As the consummate lover, he will then kiss the tears away, without ever stepping out of character. His goal is never to hurt but to be able to control their emotional situations.

In times of trouble, a Dominant will leave the roles behind, to be a supportive friend and partner, never forgetting that this is still a loving relationship between two caring individuals. He is quick to understand the differences between fantasy and reality. He would never ask a submissive to put him before her career, or family, just to satisfy his own pleasure. He is kind and wise.

To win the mind of his submissive, body and soul, he knows he must first win her trust and heart. He will show his submissive humor, kindness, and warmth. He must also show her that his guidance and tutoring is knowledgeable and deserving of her attention, that this is a man she can learn from, trust his direction and respect.

He is romantic enough to be protective and chivalrous. When called upon, he will fight for his ladies' honor. He proves to her that he is someone she can lean on, and depend on. He makes her feel safe. He is old-fashioned enough to be a bit of a chauvinist, yet modern enough to respect his woman. Quick to point out the differences between them, he also knows there is no inferiority in those differences.

When it comes time to teach his submissive her lessons of obedience, he is a strong and unyielding professor. Never talking down to her but always being careful with not only what is said but how it is said and what effect that will have on her. And any discipline is always followed by forgiveness and love and then we move on.

He is a careful guide, with safety always his main concern. He knows how to use the "outskirts" of pain to extend the bounds of pleasure. He is a mentor who can bring her to the edges of her envelope, and gently show her the inner courage to reach new heights.

He is always open to communication and discussion, always ready to hear her wants and needs. He is patient, taking the time to learn her limits, and knowing that as her trust of him grows, so will they.

He never has to demand ritual behavior by her. She responds to him out the want of pleasing him. Compliance comes from the wanting to please, not the fear of punishment. He understands the fragile nature of mind and body, and never violates the trust given to him.

He is secure enough to laugh at himself and the absurdities of life. Open minded enough to learn new things and strong enough to grow. His tools are mind, body, spirit and soul with a little help from rope, paddle and blindfold. He understands that each partner gains most from pleasuring the other. And both of them know that love is the only binding that truly holds.

The BAD Side. There are so many "wanna-be's" in "the lifestyle." Insecure men are nothing more than bullies preying on weak women. They should all be ashamed. This is never about hitting or beating or in anyway being disrespectful of a woman. This way of life is not the freakish, public humiliation, walk someone on a leash down the street or swinging parties. If you want to strictly swing fine, this however is something completely different. But this is a precious gift given by both to each other and shared in private. A wonderful secret shared by the two.

Ãâ€&sc aron;ÂÂ&nb sp;

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