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The journey of life has taken me many places and I have met many people, some I wish never to met again and some I wish would walk along my path just once more. I hope, as we are now on the same path, that we will have fun together and enjoy each others company for as long as this path last. Love ya'll!

Don't just...


Don't just kiss my lipsDon't just kiss my hipsDon't just kiss my thighsDon't just kiss my eyesDon't just kiss my noseDon't just kiss my toesKiss my soul... muah (continue reading)

Why did I inhale?


Why did I Inhale Why did I hold it in for so long I knew the limit was 3 seconds But I took 30 It was sooo good while it lasted I knew I would pay the price laterNow this %#&@$! is clouding my mind Sending tingles down my spine Got me craving more and more All day long it is in my thoughts Can't focus at work Can't wait to get home to get just a little bit moreI feel the tingle in my finger as I typeGotta let it go Got to move on This thing I knew better than to Inhale To hold on for to long I... (continue reading)

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