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    Friends, Networking

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    September 11, 2007

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    Las Vegas, NV

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Mother Earth is Seeking Father Time.

I am a celestial energy force inhabiting the physical body of the woman called SOLID. Wandering the universe in search of other heavenly beings who desire to share in the joy of unlimited knowledge, wisdom, and power. Experiencing her encounters as if I was a new creature, seeing the world & all it has to offer, with an inspiring, bright, new perspective.


As if you didn't already know, I am a POET, I choose words as my form of expression. I am open-minded and want to meet all kinds of folks for friendship, networking, or possibly romance. So hit me up with some Respectful, stimulating, conversation, inspiring messages, or thought provoking topics. I'm not on here for games, but I do like to play rough. So, Don't dish it out if you can't take it. Cuz I just might Bite!LOL.

If you wanna know what's on my mind, here's a thought. Photobucket



Super Man



Do you believe in Superman?

After years of research, trial and error, I finally decided to search for my Superman....

A man of my own, with no one to share;

With beautiful brown eyes into which I might stare...

A man whose strength would conceal all my insecurities.

One who could share in my adult fantasies.

He would plug the hole in my heart that keeps letting my feelings ooze out all over my relationships.

His only desire would be to have never ending peace and happiness and a woman just like me to share it all with.

His dreams would be of me, and mine would be of him.

Our thoughts would meet, and passionately challenge each other so that growth would be inevitable.

Together we would be unstoppable!

I would nourish him with kindness, patience, and wisdom and he'd give me an unlimited supply of love and affection.

He would support my world on his shoulders and I'd be submissive enough to let him.

I am impressed by his strength and courage.

My weakness for him causes desires to be strong.

Although sometimes I overlook the signals telling me to relinquish control....... I hold on.

But, he...... is so sensitive and wise.....

that he sees right through my false pretenses and lies & my "I got this!" attitude,

He sees where he is needed, and steps right in to see what he can do.

My Superman!

That's the reason I prayed to God for my man instead of waiting for a man to lead me to God.

I know he is out there, by faith I believe, I refuse to be deceived......

I Believe in SUPERMAN!!!


The NEW Hit Song "Jet Plane"


by Forrest Wilson

S.O.L.I.D. (Socially Organizing & Literally Inspiring Desire)Performing @ The Neon Venus Art Theatre, Las Vegas

"Changes", "A New Beginning", and "SUPERMAN"

Poetry in Motion Las Vegas Style @ Bugsy's with violinist Tony B, Illuminati, YA Poet, and SOLID

Poetry Nightclub, Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Just a Little Motivation....:Try, Try, Again" and "A Mother's Love"


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PASSION 4 POETRY by SOLID 07032012 I am an artist, I paint pictures with words, the words you have spoken have already been heard. My power is in stillness, I strategize every move.I pray and write poetry to make the rough edges smooth. I wasn't always this peaceful person you see. There were trials and tribulations that tried to overcome me.But I passionately persued the dream that was placed in my heart. Whenever I am attacked, I return to my art. This life is worth living, this dream seems... (continue reading)

Illuminated by SOLID


Illuminatedby SOLID Copyright 05182012I am the lightyou constantly try to extinguish my flamebecause it touches your soul so deeplythat no negativity remains you know this by the fruit I bare wondering why people stop and stare they also desire to bask in the glow it is in your heart that you know LIGHT illuminates the darkness now it is YOUR intentions that show I seek TRUTH, POETRY, LOVE, and COMPASSION I continue to address you in an orderly fashion.... yet It is your hatred and jealousy that... (continue reading)

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