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Women A Manless Sucess


Itellectualan adjective meaning of or relating to intellect. Chiefly guided by theintellect rather then emotion or experience...Thenew millennium woman,she works smarter not harder nowa days were so many things to so many people mothers, wifes, best friends, managers, policeofficers coworkers etc.We can turn it off and on, it... being what makes us awoman theirare no words forit, it'sa mystery... if a woman exude intelligence and witty banter along with being sexy, flirty and feminine she's not... (continue reading)

Men please take no for an answer


Why can't men take no for an answer when your not interested in dating themor being intimate with them their ego's get in the way so much that men havethe tendoncy to get angrymad,disrespectful even violent, I have several girlfriendswho's male friends got real unruley PPO's had tobe filed.... We have the right tonot want to be botheredmen have that same rightas well it's nota problem when their not interested i us anymorewerenot even talking about men women that are actually in a... (continue reading)


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for all who don't know one of my passions is makeup I have a business called Udollfaces by shar where I do wedding parties, fashion shows,hair shows proms etc. I also do eyebrow waxing & arches I do travel to clients u can hit me up on or facebook username tulula belle (don't ask) if your in need of beautiful glowing makeup, I use all high end products like NARS, MAC,& Urban Decay just to name a few, watch for my new makeup blog/website for the latest in makeup tips, trends, must haves and tutorials. coming soon...... C Ya Soon blk planet!!!



To Love Live & Do Life, 2 Be True 2 MySelf & Others Believing In God & Trusting In My Abillities... I have a strong & hard exterior & I love hard as well ( people,things,places,family ) I do it all in excess which can somtimes be to much but these qualities togather make up who i am & what i'm about... Legend Emotional Flight I Want to go high.high.high where's that man, that guy, with a spirit like no other that love's unconditional that can take ... his girl .his wife. his muse on a flight with his words and what do's ... his heart... his smile... just being there, that guy with swager & flare, some street jus for stare, but most of all to be emotionally there that's what i want ,i need ,i care... for you to be there . Someone who is god fearing not fearing god, if your out there jus nod...


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    Bachelor's Degree

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    Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

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    Detroit, MI

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    Black/African American

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