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Intuition By: K. Huggs (That's Me)


I can see more than wordsI can read through your alphabetThrough every verbI may not see but can feel when men hurtWith each stroke of your penEach typed clickof your wordsI see women display their strengthWith so much pain hidden withinIntuition or quite psychicI have the knack to knowSo many wandering soulsAppearing to have their lives in tactWhen in fact they feel lostSearching for their purposeSeeking the meaning of their existenceLost in love Massive displays of prideWhile trying to hide... (continue reading)

Rollercoaster By: K. Huggs (That's Me)


My heart does race as I anticipate the rideI strap myself in preparing myself for the natural highSlowly climbing I'm filled with with gleeAs I see us rising to the topSuddenly nervousness kicks inAs I know we can't stopWe're on a joy ride unable to get offemotions flooded with dualityAs we face the reality that there's soon a dropSo, we smile and we scream, and we frown'Cause we know we're goin' downNo denyin' we're about to declineFrom a slow steep climb up highTo a fast deep fallThat's when... (continue reading)

"I Wonder" By: K. Huggs (That's Me)


I wonder what's got our men so scaredThat they allow their fear to keep them from loving the best of usI wonder what happened on MarsThat's caused our good men to remain apart from usI wonder why our planets stray so far away these daysI wonder why we're not spinning more often in orbit togetherI wonder if it's the weather thereHas the temperature dropped so far causing the hottest men tobecome as iceI wonder why their candles once burned so bright are now waxed coldI wonder if the storms they... (continue reading)

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Opening for the below concert was one of the most exciting nights of my life!!!

Please see my new video below with footage of me after performing...

About me: On BP I am known as Loanchick.   

Elsewhere, I am known as K. Huggs or K.  for short.  If you on my page, this is my original music you're listening to.  June 27th, I'm performing in Columbus, OH @ The Veterans Memorial Auditorium for the Anthony Hamilton and SWV concert.  This concert is powered in part by my station,!  For 10% off your tickets, click the link below to join my K. Huggs fan page below to get the discount code.

Join my Fan Page on Facebook

K. Huggs also known as K. is a songstress/poet, writer, radio station owner and air personality. Her given name means "Beautiful Flower"! She is cultivating and growing to be just that! She has been singing and writing since she was a child. Over the years, she has done studio work and numerous performances. Her performances have included the Indiana Black Expo, Live Radio Performance during Circle City Classic, Radio Commercials, New Years Eve Live performance, Demo's for song writers, Weddings, Band Performances, Including an Indiana Governors Convention, 2012 Super Bowl Appreciation Event, Zoobilation & Zoolapalooza at the Indianapolis Zoo, The NAACP Juneteenth Celebration, Opened for for Loose Ends and Kurtis Blow at the 2012 Wes Montgomery Park Festival, Performed at the 2012 Riverside Park Festival, Featured act to kick off the Summer of Soul Series at The Soul Lounge in Louiville, KY, and so forth. K. performs Neo Soul, R&B, Spoken Word, Torch, and Jazz.


K. was previously with the Gospel Group 4Given. In the summer of 2008 & 2009, she performed with the awesome band Sheba at the Indiana Black Expo. LAater she joined the Indianapolis band Ground Zero and sang with them from 2011-2012. After leaving GZ, she branched out to write and record her own song, "So Long" which received many requests for performances, bookings, purchase, etc... As a result, K. was met with the task of need to form a band which she decided will be called KRUSH. The idea came from Fans having crushes with band members & that she wants to"Crush it" at every show meaning to put on the best performance possible. She remains an independent artist and continues to write, record and perform soulful music and poetry! You may just hear Neo Jazz’s very own K. Huggs during “Spoken Word on the Third Hour” on her online Smooth Jazz station Currently she is writing and recording to complete her first complete audio CD in collaboration with various National Artists, Poets, Producers from all over the world and top notch Studio Engineer and Platinum Producer, Chris Kelly! Her amazing CD project will include her original song and spoken word works along with remakes of songs from mainstream popular artists. K. Huggs' CD is expected to be to expected to be released by end of summer 2013. In the meantime, please enjoy listening to her original music free on Reverbnation!

I am also the owner & your premiere Smooth Jazz Host of   Soon I'll be live weekdays from 1-4p EST/10a-4p PST on Neo Jazz Radio.  Tune in from anywhere to my show "After Lunch With K. Huggs".   You may also soon be able to join me on Tuesday evenings at 7pm EST/4pm PST for "Let's Talk with K. Huggs"where I host live celebrity inteviews.  You may call in!  Past celebrities: Comedian - Shang Forbes, Poet/A uthor - Khari Toure, Poet/Author - Cheray O'Neal, Smooth Jazz Guitarist Dee Brown, Smooth jazz Bassist/Author - Russel Blake, Author/screenplay producer - Fauna Hodel, Actor/Producer, M.D. Walton starring in the April 9th release of "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond", The Sexy Comedian - Ray Drawn, Psychic to the stars - Wayne Gonzalez, Singer/Songwriter - Wendy Starland (Who discovered Lady GaGa!), and more....  

Click the below link to tune in live now!

Neo Jazz Radio


Or tune in our your cell by clicking the link below... airs 24/7 - Delivering New... Not Boring Jazz around the world!


I am about business and I am on here for networking and friends.  Feel free to browse...


I see the glass as more than half full...My cup runneth over.

Life is good but it can be tough. For each hour of bad times make it up with 2 hours of good times. It works!

I am happy and full of love. I am a people person.

Life is sweet. I am getting the desires of my heart. GOD is giving me what TO desire and what I desire. I am truly blessed. I am a Woman Of Excellence!!! If you don't get along with me...It's because you don't want to.

Pet Peeve: When people use harsh words and hatefulness and disguise them as a joke. Please don't play with me in that manner. Those kinds of jokes are NOT funny.

I'd like to meet: Funny, outgoing, entrepreneur minded individuals who understand their worth and will go for getting what's theirs.
People who are full of love and can put a smile on my face.
People who are honest and have integrity.

For the men... Here's what I like:
I'd like to be friends. I want my best friend! I know what I want in a guy but I'd just assume find out over time if a guy could one day be the wonderful man of my dreams. And, if he's not...well at least I have made a friend in the process and had some fun!!!! I am not talking about friends with benefits. I am a lady and certainly one worth keeping. I am not a fling. I do not want to rush into anything with anyone. That's how mistakes are made. There's no rush, when he finds me, it will be the love of a century and we will have a century to enjoy each other. If you're ever going to be in a relationship, you have to be best friends and look out and care for each other! If you are not best friends and can't share each others shoes...and happiness...and pain it will not last!!!

Here's what I don't want:
No Don Juan's please. I'm not a booty call at all. I want meaningful friendships and some day a meaningful relationship. I am not looking for a man. He is looking for me. I will not chase after a man. If a good man can lead me into a relationship then I know that he can lead me while we are in a relationship. Notice that I said lead not control or domination.
I would like to avoid relationships with Committment Phobes!!!!!!! At some point commitment is a necessity in a relationship. If you're a phobic, maybe we could just be friends and keep it that way. I do not like drama nor games either. I think that being upfront is best. That way no one is confused and wondering what the other person is about or what their intentions are. All of the guess work gives me a headache. Don't you get a headache trying to figure out what people are about or what they want? Guys, there is no wrong answer to what you want or do not want in someone. We may not agree on what we want. But, if that's the case we haven't wasted time with each other on different pages trying to figure each other out. Time is a commodity and I don't want to waste mine. I don't want a bunch of men as time fillers in my life. Aren't you all tired of wasting time? I am writing a book aren't I? Deep huh? lol

A very intelligent person once quoted: "Life's too short and precious to spend it on a temporary, false sense of intimacy and security. Life is too long to spend it not living and missing out on opportunities to live abundantly. Live and love to the fullest." Oh yeah, I quoted that. :)

Oooooh...and I love some good music........... Please enjoy listening tom my original songs and spoken word!!

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