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rolling stones,gather no moss


WHO AM I:A ROKSTAR.A damn MVP,shotta # uno


HMu open and available for anything that doesnt include bodily harm or breaking the law    &nb sp;    &nb sp; 

            long hair dont care!!


.black & half Indian-islander

.27 yrs old-september born

.6"tall                             myself as a SERIOUS ABOUT LIFE.!,not into GAMES, LIES and b.s .dedicated about my goals,wants and needs.. ...........CLEAN & organized,SERIOUS ABOUT HYGEINE .humble,quiet,sma rt & intelligent,can MINGLE with almost any race and culture and class of people.


ghetto-retardedness,CIGARETTES , RUDE,drunks,bumms,brokes,ignor ance,lazy,NASTY,unclean ppl,fast-food,loudness and showoffs,gangster-young minded grown ppl,stupidity,asking,begging,borrowing......or depending on anybody for anything.!!


im a traveler,been traveling since a kid,but im all over america,& the Caribbean and other countries at tiMES



high sense  style nn fashion not just louie n gucci alone but anything i like the ladies complment iheavyment.,

ive got alot of pride in myself as a man(there nothing i cant do.cook,clean,iron,laundry,mak e money,love great LOL



i just dont have time and patience for slow things,putting up with nonsense,stagnance n nonprogression..sitting still....i do have patience and understanding



i love experiencing new things and positive reserve,I FEARS NOTHNG AND NO ONE__ A REAL LION IN THE JUNGLE ..and can! defendant myF .



so im living life,making money giving thanks and praise to my god,,satisfying myself with what this world have to offer and working towards my goals n dreams short and longterm.,.



.i like partying,occasionally and south beach is the best,..i drink lil champagne or whine or few beers,but ive given up on hard alcohol,and i dont have to or need to smoke,i can but if eer once in the bluest moon



I LIKE THE NICEST OF THINGS AND THE BEST OF LUXURY- i just love to be comfortable and in peace without problems and worries,i am gods son i'll be fine all the time



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    Casual Dating, Networking, Serious Dating

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    New York, NY

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