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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking, Serious Dating

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    June 30, 2009

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    Saint Louis, MO

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    Black/African American

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I just have one simple question for the men on BP...Is it too much to ask for that I want to meet someone that's interesting??? If you're eclectic, musically talented; I mean like play the drums, guitar, piano, hell the harp even, lol, then most definately get at me..If you're an artist of some kind, or a cook, or, you know, something like that then get at me..If you like all kinds of music, food and people, then most definately, get at me...I guess I'm looking for diversity in so many words. You can be near or far, it doesn't matter as long as you're single, and most importantly, into me..:) I'm sweet, funny, cool as they come, and I wanna get to know new people and see what happens...I do like all kinds of food, like I'm into Spanish, East Indian, and Asian cuisines, I'm dabbling in the Africaans and mid eastern dishes right now too. I like my music like I like my food, spicy,and full of flavor, lol, as do I like my men..At this time I'm studying psychology at my local communtiy college with emphasis in foreign language, so I'm learning Spanish right now and will be studying either Arabic or French come this time next year. A little more about me, I like reality t.v. as well as educational t.v. like the discovery channel, history channel, etc. I'm going to leave something for us to chat about once you email me so a little food for thought before I say goodbye for now.. I'm not looking for any one night stands, booty calls, or friends with benefits so if that's what you're about then keep it pushin'brotha..For the women, I'M 100% STRAIGHT, DECIDED, HETEROSEXUAL, NOT GAY AT ALL and there's nothing wrong with it if you are, it's just not what I'm into so if you want to be friends and be cool then I'm game. I'm not homophobic, I have two or more family members who are openly gay and I love them as they are so...there you have it..:)If it seems like my page is more dedicated to the men on BP, it's because it's easier to say " hey ladies I'm looking for new friends, who's interested?" than it is to say the same thing to a man. Then because I am open and looking to not only make friends with men but, also date, I have to open up and let myself be known some so...Anything you wanna know about me check out my likes and dislikes and if you have any questions I'm an open book just email me... I'm also on yahoo messenger under the name uwannaknowme2 and my email is so don't be shy...reply..


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