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I call myself an Urban Guitarist so that's really my main thing. Please enjoy the music and the art, it's all original and all my compositions. If you want them please check for me on Snocap, ReverbNation, Imeem and other. No i'm not an Amazon or iTunes affiliate. My new single should be playing now but if not you have to go to the bottom of the page.



This is a message to Congress and to our beloved President of the United States of America and possibly the Earth via his influence and great wisdom; President Barack Hussain Obama.


I am not telling you what to do or even giving a suggestion. I am presenting an end to the employment issue, green house gasses, and many other issues that plague my United States of America but also the Earth.  I ask you to please change the way we do things here in America and around the globe. Do you know that the entire Planet rejoiced when you were inaugurated?

No, I mean the ENTIRE PLANET!! Now I don't know about everyone else but I felt and still feel a great shift taking place in the consciousness of humanity and indeed every rock, stream and tree. If I'm wrong then the changes that I have foreseen shall not take place and the World will indeed continue this downward spiral into oblivion. However, if I am correct, Humanity can reach heights we have never seen nor imagined.  I implore you, please, please take notice of the Humans, the Earthlings that inhabit this the blue planet.

Earth; Eridu , the Water Planet. Look at the recent documents that you have declassified and the data concerning particle manipulation, Tesla energy, magnetic engines, the Venus Project. I realize you are a busy man with date after date to be present in any of the numerous events where your presence is required; I understand that really, but if you for yourself and for the whole of humanity and the Earth looked at all of the ideas and material I've collected from varying Schools of thought if my Field Training Guide that can be found on and in the research of some of those whose videos can be found below you will begin to see that this is a way that we can begin to see real change in America and the World.  

Now, who am I to state all of this? I am a resident of Earth. I'm here with you, my nose in it from the beginning despite mistakes and all I'm here in it, the World, society. Me I always been simply just me, nowhere and everywhere, no one and yet everyone. I speak because I see and I SEE. jsut as anyone else on this planet. I'm just a human, but we share this World together, part of this Earth.

I submit that Humans are not a plague, a virus upon this Earth but that we were misinformed and mislead into our varying belief systems which have aided in or villainous appearance. A being from another World would indeed view us as something that had to be purged from this planet. Yet luminous beings are we and not these bodies which we inhabit from time to time bringing our consciousness for the ride.  In this way we can begin to cure the ills of the world and reshape society.

In this way we can begin to experience a shift in Global Consciousness an see a way onto a path toward the future that does not see, starvation and poverty but of truth, righteousness and common honor. I urge that you consider my words and the material I've collected. If you want to view a copy of my Field Training Guide go to and type in it will. I have made revisions as of late but have not been able to post it due to my current financial dilemma however if you would like an can provide the data I've collected in a more formal manner.

However the majority of the data is accessible all over, from, rickrichards.fom, labirynth, any library or book store or educational facility (but of course downloading the data from these sources is cumbersome and costly as you well know).  Congress; Mr. President; thank you for your audience if indeed you have taken the time to read and review this blog and the videos that can be found below beginning with the this one.

I trust your judgment to know the other videos on this page which I intend for you to view regarding the purpose of this blog. These videos wouldn't appear to fit with the rest of my R&B/ Soul singer vibe I was attempting to create here but I don't know I guess that's the way it goes. After all I'm just some guy on the internet right? Unimportant? Powerless? Broken battered, scarred and scared? Maybe. But I'm human and I reside here on Earth with all of you so what's that make me? What's that make you?

As always; Live Strong, Be Wise and Die Hard.  

Many blessings to you all; remain blessed.  

Resident Of Earth



10-Year-Old Johnathan McCoy Lays N-Word To Rest



Mos Def One of my all time favorite artists:


I'm Chi-Town all day everyday so you know how I feel about Common. I love Common, Cee-Lo and Lauryn for these songs. They changed my attitude and perspective; life.






If I have the means I would help her myself. But then again I'd also be able to buy my kids a house, car and college education if I could, Huh, nice song title. She got sick and lost her job and then the bank found a perfect opportunity to steal her home from under her feet that her parents owned for over 40 years. Can somebody please help my baby please? Somebody call Oprah, Mr. President or somebody.


Here is a new video I did for my GrandFather with his music. This is the first time I ever got to hear my GrandFathers voice and be old enough to know it. Enjoy if you will.



Okay! Hi! I'm back I'm better now. I got some new material I hink you might dig, so check back wit me when you have the time. I Hope you'll dug some of the original material down at the bottom of the page. Yeah, I wrote the music and yes that my smoke filled throat.



Created by

The first three movies I created myself using various software to accomplish the end. It is my hope that they are anjoyed by someone other than myself, as I truly enjoyed making them.

The Story Nia

The Story Of Rah

Shinedown Heaven: Suicide Snowfall

My Personal Message



"Let's Live, Ya'll"

Now with regard to this information concerning The Element of Water, which your body is composed of, which is what we incubate in for nine months and The element that aids in sustaining all life here on Earth.
So I sat back for a moment and I thought, "We know all these things about Water and some of us can not swim." Perplexing a thought it is should you allow your mind time to linger in that area though I fear you would soon have an Aneurysm and die of the stupidity that is the Beast of yesterday, today and tomorrow and still not understand the will of parent caring for a child, a family, because you would have passed on from this experience. Oftentimes, without notice unless you live the life of such that would warrant a more violent means.

So, the question is where are we? I mean really, honestly, we are everywhere and nowhere. Meaning we are everything and we are nothing because what ever you think about you bring about. Now, we realize that the Global Consciousness must in fact transform into a more fitting partner or get out of bed, it's just that simple. I mean you get up and you do your part, everyday, who ever you are, what ever you are weather or not you earn anything more than what you perceive for yourself because again you bring about what you think about.

I will not sit here and quote Books and Brethren, or take your hand and guide you down the path of knowledge that you must be exposed to in order to complete your experience here for you.

You decided what you wanted to experience as a manifestation of thought, which is sound and the sound was the Word and the word was Life. The rest was kinda blurry, or at least I'd say iit looked better from the Spiritual and mental realms of experience but we felt kinda jipped when we got to the Physical plane here. Perhaps some of us have been purposeful lied to for th majority of our experience.

As we know, you are held accountable here on Earth for what you do and what you do not know even if you were never told, or they purposefully hid it from you, either way, we feel kinda robbed when we get here. Some of us are lonely, some of us are, joyous or depressed, I'm telling you again here that what you place your thoughts and intentions on, what you base them on is what you are going to experience here. We are not these crude bodies, we buff and polish and abuse and mis-use each day we awake in the morning til whatever time you go to bed.

We know that "you are what you eat", but also, "You are what you think."; again I'm not going to go off into a lesson here, iif you've been keeping up with you as A True Human (Know thy self) and all will be revealed to you. I submit that it is as it has always been from the beginning of time but now with an imperial twist.

It is of great importance that we learn to effectively master the appropriate meditational techniques that would allow us to experience Zero Time here in Time. Even if we have to rely on some crude constructs of vehicular transport we might be able to conceive of. I love President Obama, and if I can help anyone survive I would, so if Mr Obama was in my care I'd protect him too. Chances are though, there is already a plan in place for the safe keeping of our first family. What we need to do is obtain the knowledge so that we can have a survival plan that at least comparable to theirs, for ourselves. The knowledge is out there friends. It is. How will we if we are not armed with the knowledge. I mean kinda like Eureka but different.

I mean I'd love a society where even a twelve year old kid could build you a device that would exploit the power of magnetism to benefit of 1. Himself 2. his family, 3. his neighborhood, his community, his state, then his country and then the World Community. Can you see this vision?

The knowledge is out there, we just weren't exposed to it so you didn't have a chance to say Yes or No, you dig? I mean can you imagine what it would have to be like for a culture to be made up of beings who continued to learn and catalog new explorations, experiences and ideas. "To boldly go where man has never gone before" That's only because he (man) hasn't thought of it yet.

All these levels of the human systems benefited from that child's discovery and everyone has knowledge from birth and then we just keep learning, experimenting, researching, testing it again and again until we find out why it makes more sense NOT to eat meat. Where we can say that all the chemicals for our health if not already found inside of us, can be found in our immediate environment. I hope I stated this correctly.

But the Secret of that remains with the few. We in this current society have not figured out a few simple facts that were hidden away for all these centuries and is finally found. It's unlocked, or at least it can be if we can develop a system whereby the princples of being a true human, Spirit and Mind in matter, with I Am Power and Consciousness and Thought and Emotion. You beautiful, beautiful beings!! See yourself for what you are and do not fool yourself anymore.

And after common man has regained the knowledge we must make a vow to teach it to our children. When we return from our dark slumber we will return with a greater knowledge of how NOT to be fooled out of our born rights as these manifestations here on Earth. And this is even a greater power than that which we lost. I know you can feel it coming back to you. I know you can feel it. All of us, The Human Race has a chance. Understand children this is not about your negro and cracker, jap or spic or chink jokes time here. This is real. No joke.

This is about US, The Human Race, The Man, Woman, Child, the whole of us, Earthlings; to advance or perish.
I really hate to be blunt here but we are running out of time here kids. Yeah, I'd put all the pieces together and present it to you so that you could finally understand it and you would not allow yourself to understand it because your judgment is biased.

Look inside yourself. NO JOKE. Really, LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF. Nobody is going to be able to tell you what it is until it emerges from within us. I know you feel it. Get ready. It's coming. I love all of you. Take care and . . ."Don't merely believe but KNOW."

Interview Masaru Emoto
Interview Masaru Emoto

Car Runs On Water - 100 Miles on 4 oz of water

Water Car Inventor Murdered!

Dr Quantum - Double Slit Experiment

Waves, Bubbles and Reactions in a Free Sphere of Water

Message From the Stars

Starship: Crop Circle Technology

Everything is Energy

Nikola Tesla

Watch This:

Think you can build one of these?

How about one of these?

Concerning Meditation

Concerning Religion

World Issues

Here are some instrumental tracks I created a while ago. I was drunk when I did them and don't have no money to get into a real studio so I can get it mastered correctly. Peep them, if you dig them cool, if you don't cool. I had fun making them so piss off. : )
Here are the tracks from my Freshman effort at this thang. Again I was drunk and no money for mastering or anything like that. It's all just straight vocals and instumentation. Oh yeah, If you like it cool, if you don't like it you can keep that to yourself while I attempt to maintain my positive attitude. I'mo hit ch'all wit da nu style when I'm finished if I don't die first. ONE.

Music Playlist at

Music Playlist at


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