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    May 06, 2002

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    Michael Knox

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    Some College Coursework Completed

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    Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

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    San Diego, CA

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    Black/African American

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Click to get your FREE Voice2Comments Player for your BP page

Hello Incredible People of Blackplanet,

Thank you, to the many of you who inspire me everyday. In 1998, I was fortunate enough to take off a full year of my life to surf the Internet. Everyday of that year I spent time looking at you, what you are all about, what you like, what you dislike, what inspires you. And, I was astonished at the true talent and creativity I have seen here amongst us here at the BP. I am convinced that, we are the most creative and talented people on the planet.

When the rest of the world finally realizes that we can do more than sports, music and dance; we will be empowered as never before. When we united our efforts, minds and finances; The feeling they get in their stomachs, when they are facing five brothers untied with a basketball, will be a louder wake-up call as we unit with our briefcases, finances, businesses and our minds.

As a youngster, I grew up around, mostly Caucasians (whites). My father was one of the first black Physics Majors to graduate from the University of Illinois; He moved my entire family into a small community of scientist that designed Neutron Bombs for the government.

As far back as I can remember, I was nicknamed, Nigga Knox . Treated as a second-class person, if even that. I love everyone on a one-on-one basis, black, white or other. But, I guess they never would have thought that the kid they were teasing (me), would be the same guy they would make wealthy & rich entertaining their kids with expensive sports videogames. I guess life really does have its poetic justices.

So many times, I have had ideas and creations that were lost to the world. Only to see them expedited, promoted, published and distributed by the hands of another. Its not a black/white thing, I was once told, He who has the Gold makes the Rules. Unfortunately, the rules aren t always in our favor. I ve been discriminated against, harassed by the police, thrown to the ground and thrown in jail over fabricated B.S. The system doesn t always work in our favor, either. We could talk about in-justices in the system all day, and all night. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced these things first-hand.


If you are down, I challenge you to stand.
If you are standing, I challenge you to walk (straight).
If you are walking, I challenge you to run.
If you are a follower, I challenge you to be a leader.
If you are unemployed, I challenge you to find a job.
If you have a job, I challenge you to find a career.
If you have a career, I challenge you to master your industry.
If you know your industry, I challenge you to start your own business.
If you have a business, I challenge you to dominate your industry.
If you have it all... I challenge you to teach and share with others.
If you teach, I challenge you to never stop learning.
If you do share of yourself with others, may God always bless you...
Most of All, If you have no faith, I challenge you to believe.

Believe in God Believe in Yourself

------------------------------ --

When you wake-up... Before you put on your shoes, socks, shirt, pants or dress. Put on the proper attire for success...

The one thing that will compliment whatever you are wearing expensive or cheap...

The one thing that people will see and remember you by....

The one thing that will determine how people treat you all day long...

If you don t know what this is?

Drop me a note. (I ll tell you!)

------------------------------ -


Dear God,

"I pray, because only you can preserve me."
"I was lost, but now I m found."
"Give me the will, strength and desire, to fight another day for you!"
"Forgive me for any pain I ve inflicted upon my brother."
"Because as your servant, I am my brother s keeper."
"Drench me with your love that I may be a blessing to all."
"Bless me abundantly, that I help others and do your will."

-"Praise be to God! Forever. -Amen-"


MINI BIOGRAPHY of Michael A. Knox

Michael Knox, an industry veteran, began designing and developing computer software while a Data Systems Technician for the US Navy, during which he became a highly skilled computer programmer and engineer. While working with some of the best-known game designers, developers and publishers he programmed and designed one of the industry s first interactive movies, "Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon."

In 1989, Knox founded Park Place Productions with $3,000 cash and a credit card. Through hard work and dedication, Park Place Productions became recognized as one of North America s largest independent software design and development software houses. Over the past five years thecompany has led the industry by developing sports titles, entertainment, educational and simulation products for many of the leading software publishing houses.


Through his company, Mr. Knox was responsible for marketing the company and the production of many major software titles. Monday Night Football, their first product sold over 100,000 units. This was followed by the original John Madden Football (the most successful sports game of all time) and NHL Hockey for the SEGA and Super Nintendo video game machines.

His company, Park Place Productions developed over 70 software titles, and, In 1993, Michael Knox was the recipient of INC. Magazine s prestigious "Entrepreneur of the Year" award for the Greater San Diego County.


Voice2Page Communications was started to assist computer Internet users in the task of installing digitized voice on websites and personal pages. Knox recently negotiated a new business partnership that enables tens of thousands the ability to record their voices over the phone for their websites and personal homepages, everyday.


Michael Knox is the founder of Narrow Broadcastings Company, Inc. (San Diego), as Executive Producer he produces "The Personal Show", a local community cable television show aired in San Diego, California, on COX 74. The Personal Show network is scheduled for 14 - major metropolitan areas in North America.


Serial: VO-8958

Click here to join VOICE2PAGE

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