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I am a very private person, discreetness is very important (due to my employment). I am very spoiled. And as long as I am kept that way, the rewards are grand. I am a dominate laid back pillow princess (a pillow princess does not give oral, she may, however do everything else :o}) I love to travel and I'm interested in someone who seeks real contact, not just on-line-fun. Dominant undertones will be continuously present when we are together. Please do not contact me if you are only interested in role playing, cyber sex etc.... I am interested in submissive woman, I'm also looking forward to getting acquainted with a few people and making a few friends. Now before you read any further, if your mouth or face is all twisted up or you find yourself rolling your eyes, you have no understanding of the life of a submissive, slave or a domme and should move on to the next profile. As for those that are interested You must be attentive, obedient, willing and always a lady in public . I am not interested in a one-night stand. The ideal woman will be devoted, honest, caring eager to serve and sincerely searching for this kind of arrangement. While this can be fun and I do not treat it, as though it were a religion. this is the life of this domme. If you are sincerely searching for someone to whom you can submit and revel in the pleasure of servicing in various ways and on various levels and you are willing to learn and be attentive to my needs, wants and desires. Then you may contact me. I offer respect and training (When needed) in a structured, safe, sane, consensual disease free environment where you are free to express and satisfy your need to serve. Now, the fact that you have read this far proves that you're either very interested or very curious in either case, you are welcome to leave me a note. You must be at least 18yrs. of age to do so, must not be collard and YOU MUST BE D/D FREE...
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2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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