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Reverend Run and Donald Trump


I was watching an episode of Run's House and I noticed something interesting. Wanna know what it is? read more

What Does Ninety-Ten Mean?


Some may wonder what does 9010 mean? Some of you who may have a slight idea may think I mean 8020. Well 8020 actually is connected to work and labor. I blog about money and finances. That is what 9010 applies to. Here's the idea 10 of the people in the United States earn 90 of the United States' money. The other 90 of people earn 10 of the United States' money. The top 10 are usually business owners andor investors which simply put are the rich people of the world. The other 90 of people either... (continue reading)

If You Build It


Weekends are usually for fun and relaxation. I spent mines working instead. I almost didn't have a choice. My car club threw a car wash hosted at a local auto parts supplier to raise money for an upcoming trip. We started bright and early at 10 a.m. it was supposed to be 9 a.m. on Saturday. It was bad enough that I had to spend my Saturday washing cars because it was kind of mandatory when I realized that there was an overcast and it had rained earlier. I took a peek at the weather and more rain... (continue reading)

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My name is Demetrius Dowdell. I am the Founder of 
I've been IN network marketing for several months now, but I've been around it for a few years. Fortunately with some luck and connections, my financial situation is changing a great deal.
Years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to network marketing. His name is Mr. Torio. Like all network marketers that care about their friends (and trained to do by the company they work with) he tried to recruit me into his opportunity. I lived in beautiful California at the time. But, unfortunately I was a HARD sell. I mean, one rule of marketing is usually takes 7 times before a person bites on what you are trying to sell.
But, I wasn't a negative person. He invited me to view the opportunity online and afterwards to a BOM (business opportunity meeting). He even invited me out with him and the top people in his upline on a night out (a nightclub) that was usually reserved for people who joined. He even invited my brother along just for kicks. We were surrounded by everyone in his up and downline.
We had a ball (I had a hangover the next day, my fault totally, lol) but I was still a little skeptical. Then I got to come to a training and visited with all these successful people and look at their nice cars. Then I was hooked. But, at the time I couldn't afford the entry price.
Mr. Torio and I remained friends. I eventually moved away from California (mistake) and after 2 long years joined another network marketing company. Mr. Torio was a little disappointed (I mean he DID put in the recruiting time) but I could afford this opportunity. He STILL remained my friend.
After a few months in with my own company I was starting to stall. It wasn't anyone's fault but my own. My upline is nothing short of spectacular. I was just a short. Short on cash AND short on warm market prospects. You see, when I moved I stayed to myself the whole time. That's kinda counterproductive in network marketing huh?
Soon I goT a friend invite from someone who I can now call a friend, also ironically, from California! His name is Jim. Jim introduced me to a revolutionary way of both INCREASING MY LEADS AND MY CASHFLOW for my network marketing business. Everything has totally changed since!
I was hooked because I knew that my upline had ways of securing a very, very long list of leads and I wanted the same. Now I generate lots of leads AND generate extra money to invest into my network marketing company. I mean, hey, I am committed to the industry and wholeheartedly believe in it's power to create something from nothing!
So after a little training and self improvement, I am able to attract prospects that are interested in   MY business at will.

“And let me tell you, it sure feels DAMN good waking up in the morning with a flood of fresh qualify leads that are competing to join your business, desperately fighting for your attention.”-Jim 
I couldn't have said it any better!

These methods are so easy to implement anyone can really do it after some proper training. Because the core value of these marketing methods are complete opposite from industry standard, you can expect the result to be different also.
If you are a network marketer that is willing to pursue for higher success, I invite you to click:
I am only interested in speaking to SERIOUS ENTREPRENEURS who have the burning desire to make a change and not tire kickers.

Yours In Success,
Demetrius Dowdell

“It's time for MAMA! Massive Action that Motivates All!”
See you around! ! Vote For Obama!!

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