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3rd Force: William Aura (vocals, keyboards, bass, percussion); Alain Eskinasi 

Muze PNote (guitar, keyboards, bass, percussion); Craig Dobbin (piano, keyboards).
Muze PNote Additional personnel includes: Grant Geissman (guitar, nylon string guitar, slide guitar); Craig Chaquico, Brian Hughes (guitar); Richard Hardy (flute, bamboo flute, clarinet, saxophone, horns); Paul Taylor (soprano saxophone); John Klemmer, Bryan Savage (saxophone); John Halbleib (trumpet, flugelhorn, horns).
Muze PNote Personnel: William Aura (vocals, keyboards, percussion); Craig Chaquico, Grant Geissman, Brian Hughes (guitar); Richard Hardy (fiddle, flute, saxophone, horns); Peter Sterling (harmonica); John Klemmer, Bryan Savage (saxophone); Paul Taylor (soprano saxophone); Craig Dobbin (piano, keyboards); Ozzie Ahlers (piano); Alain Eskinasi (keyboards, percussion); David Thomas (keyboards); Gerlando Compilati (congas, percussion).
Muze PNote Audio Mixer: William Aura.
Muze PNote Photographer: Darren Clark.
Muze PNote

Anyone not hip to the diverse genre sounds coming out of Higher Octave these days can find the perfect sampler in 3rd Force's vibe-intensive Force Field. While the electronic keyboard trio of William Aura, Craig Dobbin, and Alain Eskinasi provides thick, acid jazzy grooves that range from dreamy and laid back ("7th Heaven") to shuffling hip-hop, trip-hop, and aggressive blues, some of the label's biggest names have a ball strutting their own stuff as the lead melodies and harmonies. Grant Geissman in particular gets opportunities to go easy on the nylon string (playing off the distant call and response of saxman John Klemmer and John Halblieb's muted trumpet), swampy on the slide guitar (the thickly percussive, dark and haunting "Bridge of Dreams"), and joyously funky on electric. Brian Hughes' brisk electric strings take center stage on the throbbing "Something Special," while Craig Chaquico's snappy acoustic flow weaves in and out of Richard Hardy's wistful sax harmony on "The Closer You Get." Ozzie Ahlers interjects a few lively piano solos on two of the Chaquico-led tunes, but it's just for name value; Dobbin's sparkling ivory tenderness is just as grand. Sax wise, 3rd Force seeks the smoky cool of Bryan Savage and Paul Taylor, whose soprano lines form a call and response with the hypnotic piano melody on "Revelation of the Heart." ~ Jonathan Widran


 PAUL HARDCASTLE: A producer and keyboardist from London, Paul Hardcastle debuted as a solo artist in 1984 and scored the following year with "19," an electro-oriented record featuring news reports and other sources on Vietnam. It became a major hit in his native country; in the U.S., it topped Billboard's club chart. Later, he produced and did remixes for artists such as Ian Dury and Phil Lynott. He continued to sell well in the specialty dance market and occasionally released records as part of the duo Kiss the Sky (with Jaki Graham) while also operating under names like the Def BoysBeeps International, and JazzmastersZero One(1985), Jazzmasters II (1994), and Hardcastle 2 (1996) were among his most popular releases through the '90s, while the two-disc Cover to Cover (1997) assembled his greatest hits, along with a bonus record of newly recorded cover versions. Hardcastle kept the Jazzmasters series running through 2010, the year the sixth volume was issued, and he also continued his Hardcastle series of smooth jazz-oriented affairs through its own sixth volume, released in 2011.



On his latest album, "Hardcastle 4," Paul Hardcastle introduces some new, surprise elements into his unbeatable style of smooth jazz---some new keyboard sounds, some new arrangements, and the lovely singing voice of his lovely young daughter, Maxine, who is featured on three tracks, which she co-wrote with her father. It's a new dawn for Paul Hardcastle with this one! Fabulous, groovy tunes, such as the captivating "Serene" and "Freefall," "Straight Ahead" and the beautifully aquatic feel of "Journey Of The Lost Tribes." And Maxine's collaborations with her dad are all terrific: "Smooth Jazz Is Bumpin" (finally, a smooth-jazz anthem!), "Was It Love" and "Where Are You Now." Maxine has a very cute, breathy, almost pixie-ish kind of voice, and she also shows excellent songwriting talent, too. I buy all of Paul Hardcastle's new CD's without ever previewing them first because I know I'm going to get something good, and so far, Paul is still batting 100 with me. "Hardcastle 4" is outstanding and catchy with a capital C. Well done, Paul & Maxine. Keep the great music comin'!

Alan Caylow


JACKIEM JOYNER:At the young age of 21, Jackiem became the saxman for Marcus Johnson. While playing with the keyboardist from 2001–2004, Joyner also had the unique opportunities to play the national anthem for a Bulls-Wizards game at Washington D.C.’s MCI Center, perform with Three Keys legendary artists Bobby Lyle and be featured at such events as the Bermuda Jazz Festival. R&B singer Angela Bofill was also on the bill in Bermuda, and it was she who suggested that Joyner participate in the 30-city tour withRonnie LawsJean Carne and herself in 2003. Other artists Joyner has opened for over the years include George DukeNajee (a true inspiration of Joyner’s on both sax and flute),Phil Perry and India.Arie.



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Female, Age Private, Indianapolis, IN

Posted January 26, 2013

This is a great way to relax and revive the soul. You could exercise, meditate, and converse. Get in the groove.