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"The new album from GMoney, "Rush Hour" is now avaiable on CD Baby"

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Welcome to the official Black Planet artist page of jazz-funk artist GMoney. Currently based in New Jersey/New York City metro area, I'm a bassist/keyboardist/composer/arranger and producer recording and performing in the genere of jazz-funk or AKA "Urban Alternative" My music is a fusion of music from diffrent and diverse generes. Jazz is at the heart of the music, however I bring into the "mix", funky bass lines, hip-hop, pop, dance, R&B, Afro-Cuban drums, and rhytym's. Following my debut CD release in March of 2008 ("Just Kickin It") and my 2nd album release in December of 2009 ("Back On The Grind") my music has been well received and is growing in popularity both domestically and internationally. Currently I've just finished production of my new upcoming CD/mp3 album "Rush Hour" and the album will be released on Friday September 2nd. "Rush Hour" as well as my 2 current albums, "Back On The Grind" and 'Just Kickin It" will be distributed through CD Baby and are avaiable in CD and mp3 format thru iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, and many other leading online music retailers.

The inspiration for my music comes from a variety of sources, my own background (growing up in a jazz household, mom was a singer, dad was a artist manager), uncles (the late great songwriter, Benny Benjamin was my uncle) as well as other smooth jazz artists, such as Fourplay, Euge Groove, Pieces Of A Dream, Four 80 East, Dave Koz, and Marcus Miller to name a few. My compositions represents all of those musical influnences, and is composed to be "pro-active", that is the end listener is free to form their own thoughts and feelings of the music, based on how the music affects them." As a self taught bassist/keyboardist, I spent over 20 years as a DJ, and 5 years producing "web tracks" (background music for websites) before deciding to go into a solo recording career in 2003, although I still gig with other artists and bands and while my own music is jazz-funk based, I can play in a wide variety of styles. 2011 is also the year, that will hopefully see the debut of my new jazz-funk band im currently forming and developing "The GMoney Project". If your'e looking for music that is new, fresh, diffrent, innovative and creative, then you wont go wrong with the music from GMoney.


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September 03, 2011

The new album "Rush Hour" from jazz-funk artist GMoney

The new album "Rush Hour from jazz-funk artist GMoney is now avaiable on CD Baby. Just follow this link


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August 29, 2011

The official release announcment of "Rush Hour"

My new album "Rush Hour" will be released on Friday, Sept 2nd on CD Baby, and on Monday, Sept 5th on iTunes. This Friday, I will post the web links to the CD Baby site. Peace and Love everybody

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June 17, 2011

The new CD/mp3 album from GMoney "Rush Hour" will be released July 2nd on CD Baby.

 Hello Black Planet family. It's been quite a while since I've been in touch, however it's been a long winter and a long 5 months. With all of the extreme winter we had in the Northeast this past winter, I was in my studio busy composing and recording new material for a new CD/mp3 album. The time has arrived, and my new album, "Rush Hour", will be released on CD Baby on July 2nd, just in time for the 4th of July holiday. This is my 1st new album in a year and a half, and my 1st ever summer release. Previews of the new tracks are now on my GMoney Black Planet artist page, including the title track "Rush Hour". Please feel free to stop by and take a listen to "Rush Hour", the new upcoming CD/mp3 album from GMoney.

Peace and Love everybody.

Greg "GMoney" Cuffee

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January 31, 2011

GMoney comes out with his 3rd CD and his first in 2 years "Rush Hour" due out May of 2011

Hello to all of my Black Planet Music "fam", friends and fans. As I had in previous announcements mentioned that a new CD would be comming out in spring of 2011, well it is happening. Currently in the studio on a 4-5 week recording/pre-production cycle, I'm recording the last of the material for my upcomming CD/album titled "Rush Hour". This will be my 3rd CD/album (following my debut CD release in 2008 "Just Kickin It" and my 2nd mp3 album in 2009 "Back On The Grind") and my 1st CD/album in over 2 years. This new CD/album will have a R&B/jazz-funk, "Brian Culberston"  feel to it. The CD/mp3 album will have bewteen 12-14 tracks and will be distributed through CD Baby and will be avaiable on CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon mp3 and I'm looking into possibly having it avaiable through Walmart. Preview of the new tracks will be avaiable by early-mid March (something to shed off the winter blues, espically for those of us on the East Coast as we've been HAMMERED with some funky weather this winter ). The anticipated release date is the week of the Memmorial Day weekened this comming May.

In addition, i'm also in rehersal studios...FINALLY putting together the "GMoney Project" band, which is anticipated to also debut this year. I'm currently looking for trumpet and Alto sax musicians, and a keyboardist/piano player and I'm still auditioning drummers, so if you live in the New York City/New Jersey Metro area, and you may be intrested in auditioning for my upcomming band, feel free to hit me up here at BP or if your'e on Facebook, drop me a not of intrest and/or friend me there. I'm on Facebook under "Greg GMoney Cuffee" and make sure you mention your'e from Black Planet.

Some other news of interest: I'm currently in talks with a bassist/drummer/producer based in Rome, Italy on the possibility of performing in Rome, Italy during the summer of 2011. Nothing has been "written in stone" as of yet, but talks are continuing. Once I have more definitive details on this I will be sure to share with my BP "family"

This 3rd CD/album release is a big one for me, as it holds alot of promise of taking the "GMoney" brand to a wider audience, and to the "next level" in the music game. I'm also during this time putting demo CD's together to start shopping to some record labels to see about securing a recording/artist development deal. Over the past 2 albums I've developed quite a following not only in the US, but internationally as well, and to me, it's time to take the GMoney sound to the next level. Some other projects for this year include entering some well know music contests to further promote my jazz-funk-R&B sound.

In closing I want to thank all of my BP family/friends/fans for your continuing support of me and my music. I really, really appreciate it.

Till my next announcment, Peace and Love everybody, and "keep the groove alive"


Greg "GMoney" Cuffee


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September 02, 2010

Check out the new demo tracks from GMoney, "Slipping Into Da' Funk" and 'Island Breeze"

Greetings to my Black Planet music family. After taking a couple of years off from the music biz to deal with a critical family situtation, GMoney is "back on the grind" and currently once again promoting my latest album "Back On The Grind' (avaiable on CD Baby) and back in the studio writing and recording material for my latest upcomming album (untitled as of now) which will be avaiable in the spring of 2011. In advance of the new album, I will be releasing in a few weeks, a new single and video, the details of which will be forthcomming.  Also in the works for 2011 is the debut of my new band I'm currently forming and rehersing called 'The GMoney Project". The band should be ready to debut at the same time the 3rd album is released; spring of 2011

I want to thank all of my fans and friends of GMoney Music for your undying love and support. It is you the fans that make all of this possible, and I enjoy to continue to make new, diffrent and innovative music for you the fans and music lovers of GMoney music.

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Male, Age Private, Belgium

Posted December 06, 2013

great music ! love the jazz vibes


Female, 31, New York, NY

Posted September 16, 2013

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Female, 76, Stockton, CA

Posted September 08, 2009



Female, Age Private, Charlotte, NC

Posted June 21, 2009

love what i've heard so far on your bp page...God bless...good luck


Female, 62, Cherry Hill, NJ

Posted October 27, 2008

Hi G,

Your music is bangin. One can not sit still while listening to these kool beats. I'm satisfied.

Much blessing to you and your music. Work it...


Male, 55, Smyrna, GA

Posted April 20, 2008

yo G i just want to commend you on the this CD man this is the first time i've heard of you and its slammin.....all the ladies love "alnighter" on my BP page....i will definitely support your music by purchasing it. thanx!


Male, 51, Bronx, NY

Posted April 13, 2008

some really m


Male, 53, Willingboro, NJ

Posted April 09, 2008

keep making music like that.its good for the brain


Female, 62, Bronx, NY

Posted April 06, 2008

Approved goods 4 the mature audience; worked immediately,
on these taste buds. keep stiring & serving us up the good
stuff! Nice work! GMoney


Male, 50, Canton, OH

Posted April 05, 2008

yo was the haps G$ my bp name is shawn737 i dig the hot tracks no offense sistas yall still look good to me. no 4 real though i just wanted to let my fellow bro know that i respect the fact that you motivated your self todo what you desired to do in life thats real.

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