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"Libra Scale IN STORES October 5th!"

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Neyo's Official Guestbook.. "Ne-yo's Big Plasma TV"
Official letter from Shaffer C. Smith a.k.a Ne-yo to his fans on Black
"Hey guys-Thanks for checking out my Official page on Black Planet, also guys don`t forget to check out my myspace page It`s crazy how many of you guys are on here (BP). I really appreciate the support. I just wanted to make sure you guys check out "Closer", my new single on my BP page. I`m shooting a video in a few days, and its gonna be HOT! Keep it posted to my page. I`m going on tour later this year so make sure to be on the look out for my announcements. Ummm I appreciate the continued support. I feel blessed and thanks for signing my guestbook...I`M LOVIN THE BEAUTIFUL FACES...peace!" ~Your Boy Tha Kidd Ne-yo


At the tender age of twenty-two, the lyrical and musical talent that Ne-Yo posses are far beyond his years. Born into a family of musicians from Arkansas, Shaffer C. Smith a.k.a. Ne-Yo was raised in a single parent home by his mother. In hopes of a better opportunity, Ne-Yo's mother relocated the family to Las Vegas Nevada; where Ne-Yo would discover his passion.


The singer/songwriter, penned on the biggest radio records of history (189.5 million listeners in one week) Billboards #1 R&B chart for several weeks, the words on "Let Me Love You" touch your heart and makes you feel good in your soul. Written with Scott Storch and Kam Houf and performed by the R&B artist Mario, "Let Me Love You" is just a glimpse into the mind of a true writer. "It's a great song, and I'm really happy to have wrote it," he says."


A master in the art of storytelling, Ne-Yo began writing at an early age. A vivid imagination and creative energy has allowed Ne-Yo to write songs for multi-platinum artists such as Mary J. Blige, B2K, Faith Evans, and Musiq. When asked about writing number one hits for other artists, simply put, Ne-Yo said, "I feel there is always room for good music. I want to reach people's soul with my lyrics thru whatever vessel God chooses."


Set to release his debut album on Def Jam Recordings, this dynamic entertainer is ready to deliver. Infusing pop melodies to rich, soulful production the album is sure to score with fans and critics alike. Relying on mostly his own in-house crew Compound, Ne-Yo creates both a unique sound and sentiment for his records. Songs like the first single "Stay" (featuring Peedi Crack) exemplify Ne-Yo's nuanced, layered vocals and sample free production. "So Sick", a beautiful track in which he laments hearing love songs on the radio due to the feelings they conjure, reveals his voice to be clean and almost elated, but rich and weathered at the same time. But true to his charismatic character, the album shows many sides of Ne-Yo and even finds him lighter, more playful, even coy, on "When You're Mad." Sure cello hits move the track as Ne-Yo floats above, telling his woman that she's even more beautiful when she's mad.


With the album in the chamber, ready to go, Ne-Yo now just has to prepare himself for the stardom that is sure to follow. "The toughest part has been getting used to being known," he confesses, "I've always been the writer, the guy in the background, but being the actual artist is a whole new experience for me."


Citing Prince, Marvin Gaye, The Rat Pack, and Stevie Wonder in his list of favorite entertainers, Ne-Yo's album invokes a nostalgic feeling, a renaissance if you will. Whether it's the bedroom or the dance floor, Ne-Yo's songs are filled with passion and intense energy that pulls (you into the music) and puts you into a zone.


Ne-Yo is taking the music industry by storm, as he graces and challenges popular music with his writing & vocal talents. Much more than today's male singer, Ne-Yo is a rare artist; expressing creativity thru drawings, paintings, martial arts and song. He is distinguished by youthful energy with in-depth lyrics that touch the soul. Ne-Yo is honored and ecstatic to be apart of the Def Jam brand, which produces some of the best R&B and hip-hop artists in the world.


Check out his playlist on BlackPlanet Radio!





New Music: Ne-Yo - One In A Million


July 20, 2011

Ne-yo new pics in France!


The gentleman Ne-Yo was in the South Of France recently where he got some rest, relaxation and inspiration for his upcoming album.  He even ran into rapper Fat Joe.

LIBRA SCALE Available Everywhere Now!

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Click Here to download "Libra Scale" Deluxe Edition on iTunes.

Text NEYO to 30103 for Ne-Yo updates on your mobile phone.


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October 11, 2010

Compound Entertainment Talent Search In Boston & Nashville!

Compound Entertainment Talent Search In Boston & Nashville!

LIBRA SCALE In Stores Oct. 19th! Pre-order on Amazon now.

Click here to download "One In A Million" on iTunes
Click here to download "One In A Million" on Amazon

Text NEYO to 30103 for Ne-Yo updates on your mobile phone.

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August 19, 2010

Ne-Yo Featured In New Ebony Magazine!

Ne-Yo Featured In New Ebony Magazine!

Check out Ne-Yo's feature in the new issue of Ebony Magazine alongside Ciara.

LIBRA SCALE Coming Soon!

Click here to download "Champagne Life" on iTunes
Click here to download "Champagne Life" on Amazon

Text NEYO to 30103 for Ne-Yo updates on your mobile phone.

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January 30, 2010



NE-YO Performing live in Miami - The Adrienne Arsht Center For Performing Arts

-Knight Concert Hall

- 1300 Biscayne Blvd, MIAMI, FL 33132

Click Here For More Info On The Arsht Center

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Female, Age Private, Washington, DC

Posted February 17, 2016

It is Brian's birthday, a very important birthday :
Happy FEB 17th, 2016 EVERYONE : Today, vice president Biden was in Orleans : audio only :
I would have loved to have been there too because he celebrated the plan that saved America thus saving the whole world financially.

ALSO TODAY, He then went to Memphis to celebrate and commemorate the very critically, crucially important recovery act :

I WANTED TO BE THERE TOO. I HAVE SEEN BOTH OUR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES 44 as well as our VICE PRESIDENT 44 of the United States in person, yes I indeed have been very blessed to be with them both in person at campaign events. 2012 and I met VALERIE JARRETT IN person twice.


Female, Age Private, Washington, DC

Posted March 03, 2015

Awesome NEEW video, God Almighty Loves you Ne-Yo, love your music too
Aretha Franklin sings in this video and President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder speak and this video is at 7,940 views now. Also featured is the painting of General Holder as he is thhe 3rd longest reigning Attorney General of the. United States. President Obama said " I asked him to stay on longer as attorney general". They hug and President Obama has a few tears in his eyes as he finished speaking and hugged his good friend Eric Holder ; v=sXoMQN8qhwo


Female, Age Private, Washington, DC

Posted October 30, 2012 zBarackObama_/

video here from monday October 29th, 2012 2012/Events/Bill-Clinton-Joins -VP-Biden-in-Ohio/10737435436/

President Obama Saturday Oct 27th, 2012 resident-Obama-Campaigns-in-Na shua-NH/10737435427/

under romney massachusettes had very ittle economic growth and was about 48th in states for small business growth. The year Louisiana was hit with katrina, that state did almost as well as romney. romney raised taxes on middle class in Massachusettes by 750,000,000 (750 million) dollars while he refused to add one penny to the wealthy. President Obama cut Taxes for the middle class by 3,600 per year per family He is a mormon, a blatant racist religionist like the amish. when the racist hitler was in power humanity suffered. that religion does not allow blacks, jews or gays. millions of elderly and poor people could die if romney were to get elected. romney could not even remember anything he did as a governor when questioned. We Americans are not his puzzle game or his toys to try or test his thories on. We know his theories don⿿t work. Mr. Bill Clinton pointed out that Democrats have created 42 million jobs over the past 20 years while g.o.p 24 million. racism does not work. President Obama made provisions to extend medicare till 2024 but the g.o.p. was planning to end medicare in 2016 see my page naminjanetberry


Female, 40, Jersey City, NJ

Posted October 08, 2012

My Libra brotha! Keep doing your thang & hope to see you in concert soon!


Male, 37, Jamaica

Posted September 23, 2012



Male, Age Private, Des Moines, IA

Posted September 20, 2012

real nice style michels gon may he rip so its up to you now good job thanks for good music.


Female, Age Private, Avondale, AZ

Posted July 20, 2012



Thanks for doing great things!


Female, Age Private, Jersey City, NJ

Posted June 02, 2012

Hey Ne-Yo I am your biggest fan I know all of your songz and love every last one of them......


Female, Age Private, Singapore

Posted May 31, 2012

Hey Neyo....Much love from Singapore......MUAX!!!

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