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Allstar Cashville Prince

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Rapper All Star earned his street-cred by growing up on Nashville's east side, an area known as "Cashville," sometimes "Cashville, Ten-a-Key" as in "ten a kilo." With survival being the name of the game, All Star's raps were gritty tales of the Southern struggle, delivered hard with a street teen's swagger. He began attacking the mixtape circuit in 2003, earning the nickname "Cashville's Prince" thanks to his charismatic mixing of ambition and arrogance. Club tracks soon became a factor in All Star's street music, and one in particular, "Grey Goose," with Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, and Yo Gotti, exploded across the Tennessee Valley in 2005. Yo Gotti signed the artist to his Inevitable Entertainment imprint before landing a deal with Cash Money Records, quickly moving All Star into the major leagues. As G-Unit soldier Young Buck was declaring him the South's next superstar during a 2006 BET television appearance, All Star was in the studio working on his debut album, Streetball, which is not said to be released. Hard Work pays off. The grind before you shine way of approaching the rap game is often clich d but with All Star its that real. This 20 year old lyrical mastermind has a similar story as many of his peers in the hip hop world, a hard upbringing in the inner-city surrounded by crime. Coming from the East Side of Cashville, where rough would be a understatement, survival is in large part based upon how well you can hold your own. He's been doing just that every time his vocals hit the protools, earning him the moniker "Cashville's Prince". Cashville's own Young Buck has given "Star" his seal of approval, on a recent BET countdown acknowledging him as the next big artist from his city. All Star admits that a lot of what is happening for him exposure wise is due to attention that Buck brought to Cashville, and plans to enhance it. He has a label, Loyalty Records, which has the vision of being an independent power. In his own words "I was taught not to put more food on my plate then I know I can eat at once because you can always go back for seconds. I've learned in the streets and in the rap game that most of these guys just say whatever sounds good at the time. I don't get into that. I don't really talk about what im about to do, i just do it. I guess that's why I wear a lot of Nikes" Its that swagger and boyish arrogance that All Star brings out in his rhymes. He brings a sense of awareness along with charm into what he calls "Street Music". Sharp wordplay and catchy metaphors are his technique of choice, but he possesses a sense of wisdom and a voice of understanding in his rhymes far beyond his age (20). Many unfamiliar with All Star may view him or his come up as an overnight story, having already landed a major deal with Cash Money Records. However, those more familiar would beg to differ. He released 4 independent mixtapes between 2003 and 2004 earning him recognition as the Southern Entertainment Awards Mixtape artist of the year. In the process he earned a loyal following in Cashville and surrounding areas. In mid 2004 that buzz leaked into Memphis where Yo Gotti and his imprint Inevitable Entertainment would sign the "Star". After brief shopping, a deal with Cash Money was landed, and All Star is prime for a much anticipated release of his debut album Streetball. While it has not been confirmed it seems that the first single from his debut album will be "Get Money" which features Baby AKA Birdman.


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Male, 26, Nashville, NC

Posted March 22, 2012

FUKE THE ALLSTAR m.o.e %#&@$!


Female, 33, Tampa, FL

Posted April 01, 2009

Thats what it do. Keep that dyrty south shyt poppin. Keep reppin that Tenn-a-key! Cashville baby n they betta know dat, ya heard.


Female, 39, Ocala, FL

Posted August 14, 2008

that sexy voice over that beat is sweet


Female, 38, Sarasota, FL

Posted July 03, 2008

just comin through 2 say keep doin your thing and sendn a shout out from the sota...................


Male, 39, Lexington, TN

Posted November 29, 2007

I can see why they say I'm a %#&@$! but they never say it to my face that just say to they chick A Star I'm in my 23 zone


Female, 37, Madison, TN

Posted November 20, 2007

do you baby we love u


Male, Age Private, Nashville, TN

Posted November 12, 2007

u aint da rea; all star i'm da real 1 to erase dis profile before we find u located u cuz it aint no problem to find u


Male, Age Private, Detroit, MI

Posted October 28, 2007



Male, Age Private, Lisle, IL

Posted July 30, 2007

keep talkin that real %#&@$! ma nigga
thats all we bump in the trap


Female, 34, Nashville, TN

Posted July 15, 2007

whass up see ya at that club chilled on grace and ya still seem so quiet to talk much %#&@$!1 whass that about ?but i give ya your props you hold nashville down

2007 it's all about money! get it or get wit it Holla !