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"Writer, Arranger and Musician"

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PRESTON LUX Hometown SANFORD, FL Bio Music for me started in Emeryville, Calif (suburb of Oakland, Ca). I continued musically in Bands, R&B Groups in Pasadena, Calif., especially with the ESSENCE OF TIME. During the Pasadena Bi-Centenniel celebration, I had the opportunity to work with SHERRY SCOTT,and BROTHER WHITEHEAD formerly with EARTH WIND AND FIRE. Eventually I branched off into performing on keyboards, song and dance nationally. Working with notables such as JEWELL"LET ME TELL BOUT THE BIRDS AND THE BEES"AKINS of Hollywood, Ca. To all of you, I have not forgotten or unappreciated our contributions made together. Today, I reached the #10 spot in the Central Florida Jazz stats on Influences PRESTON LUX UNDEFINED Peace and love to you. I am a writer, arranger and musician who through influences of people like; The Ballads, The Natural Four, The Ojays, Grover Washington, Bobby Sanders(Soul Town Records), Eddie Harris, Jimmy Smith, The Whispers, Tower Of Power, Sly and the Family Stone, Larry Graham, Ramsey Lewis, Earth Wind and Fire, The Temptations and Especially GOD THE FATHER AND HIS SON, have inspired me tremendously to create out of the ordinary. I grew up on the West Coast, ingesting the funk flavor of the west. Travelling throughout the states, I have had the opportunity to realize a vision or feel of particular sounds that are especially appealing. Much of what is written, whether musical or lyrical is of a spirituel nature. I sincerely hope you enjoy the sounds of KATRINA and GOING HOME. Sincerely And With Love Preston Lux Thanks

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