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Millionaire City,(MILWAUKEE), Is where F.L.E.X.ER was born &, raised.He grew up in a father-less home    as the only child &,  a latch-key kid. His Grand Father,(August "Gus" Jackson), was his Father figga & role-model up intill his demise in the late 80's. His name means: " F.ast , L.ane , E.xperiences, X-plained;  Emphasiszin'  Reality"... A.K.A. the Alter-ego: " F.L.E.X.ER"...aka" Da' FLAYER".  He is a writer, author, artist developer,  publisher, Promoter, producer, & PRO-former. His line-up consists of Troy, D2thaD, CGZ- WALK, &,7. His affiliates are:******         Organized Crime Factory,****** Against the Grain Records,******* Godxilla, Ghetto Native Ent., A-state Productions,    &, of course, every plugged source in Millionaire City!!!! More good music 2 come!!!       I  promise!!! LOVE &, SHOUTS OUT TO SPLIT YO" WIG ENT. %th. Floor, ROCK -MACK, MACKIN" ASS MIKE, BIG LOCC,   RONNIE RAY, A-DIGGITY, BIG STEVE, MY NIGGA" MOOSE, L, KB CRUSH...aka...MR. GALENA BUTLER, FAM-FAM, E-A-S-T, (the entire deck), THA' TRAYZ, Sonya Gail, YUNG-TWEEZY, MR.WILSON, YUNG PATRON, BIG SMOKEY, LOCO, NUT HOUSE &, ALL my FOLKS &, PEOPLES!!! Love Y'all 4 lovin' me!! 1 Oh Yeah, thanks 2 Dank too!!! Without you, my artist creativity & drive, would probably be as average as all these suckazzz!!! Thank you Lord for the gift & the curse; I promise to use it wisely.

Nita,I Love You even when I don't show it!

2 all my fans,family & friends: Thanx! I am cuz of you.



MILWAUKEE!!!!!!!!!!! WE  MUCH MORE THAN CHEESE, BEER, &   HAPPY DAYS!!!!! Hit my Main page, I got    sum     information on there as well. In the  mean &,  in-between  time,   here's: ::::            LYVEWYRE:       ELECTRIC DIGiTAL FIRE ::: LYVEWYRE




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Male, Age Private, Milwaukee, WI

Posted April 23, 2009