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TrendSettaz is a multi-talented collaborative mix of writers, producers,
and artists ranging across the musical spectrum spanning many genres and
styles. Their removal of creative restrictions has caused a fusion of
music without boundaries and limitations and lends itself to such an
inimitable sound. Unwilling to conform to industry expectations,
TrendSettaz brings you to a world where the only thing to expect is the

TrendSettaz the group is a natural extension of TrendSettaz Entertainment
Inc., which itself is the brainchild of Founder and C.E.O Ron “Nemesis”
Debs. In 2004 he and co-founder and P.O.O Sean “Profess” Skolnick, along
with several other key figures, created TrendSettaz as an independent
music label that would stand out from the saturated crowd by ways of
artist integrity and musical value. And performers around the world have
taken notice as they have added several artists to their roster including
legendary music veteran The Mad Stuntman (“I Like To Move It”) whose
project they are currently producing and is slated for a late summer
release. This belief continues in the group Trendsettaz and their
forthcoming release TrendSettaz Project Dance. The first single off the
project “Give It To Me (Yo Quiero Bailar)” had dance floors and charts
burning worldwide and continues to remain on the Latin Dance charts for
over ten months. Their second single “Freaky” follows suit and should keep
bodies moving through the summer and beyond.

In addition to their roster other companies now turn to them for their own
artists projects as well. TrendSettaz has and continues fusing their sound
with both upcoming and established artists in the worlds of Pop, Reggae,
R&B, Dance/House, and Latin music. Last but not least the TrendSettaz
brand is well known for dropping the hottest go-to remixes of some of the
greatest hits of our time (Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit [TrendSettaz
Mix]). From very humble beginnings TrendSettaz has grown into a
recognizable force in the music industry that can no longer be ignored


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