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Mack Mirage

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 Since 1999 I have been dabbling into writing and making music.I started off with a friend making beats by blending tracks together making something 'Unique', but then as we grew apart (Life) I stopped writing and making beats.

I picked up the habit again in 2008 and it's been full steam ahead every since! You are now along for the ride, but let it be known there are no breaks so jump now before we hit Light Speed!

Mack (TM)


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Unspecified, Age Private, Atlanta, GA

Posted September 07, 2010

Yo fam herd your music⿦ ya %#&@$! ...sound hott!! I don't know what you have popin rite now but that's the reason I hit you up . I have A music consulting company & I'm Dir. of A&R Suavehouse 2 ....but anyway what I do is Set-up Face to Face meetings for artist and producers, with labels like - Def-jam ,Badboy,interscope, Atlantic ect..that's why I hit you up is bcuz I have this Def-jam "Showcase" tour going on and I'm comming to your city or close to your city, its Hosted by the V.P of Def-Jam- Lenny .S ...I thought ya music was dope !! And I felt like the showcase might be a great opportunity for you..... But anyhow I have to go but if you are interested homie I put my website info on here for you to go to and get all the info about the " Showcase" watch the 1st video all the way threw it will give you all the info you need... so just go to my "Website" and just holla back if you ready, but either way if you do or don't you sound Dope homie! Keep mashing! Oh yea this not someone sending out some bull*** email blast I personally sent this to you realtalk..."youtube " my name fam" Anthony" Scoe" Walker..... Its not a game... Also just a **note** my website address is not a link so ur gona have to type my website info into ya search or cut and paste it.. Get back at me homie if ur intrested and I will shoot you my contact info....go to and let's get it!