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    February 08, 2012

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    September 11, 2014

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    Brooklyn, NY

  • Genre:

    Alternative, East Coast, Hip Hop

  • Musical Influences:

    Beach Boys, Biggie, Boot Camp Click, Eminem, Flight Of The Conchords, Frank Sinatra, Green Day, Jay-Z, John Mayer, Kanye West, Katie Perry..., Kid Cudi, Outkast, Pink, Slick Rick, T.I., Tenacious D, The Beatles, The Supremes, Tu-Pac, Young Jeezy

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    The Bang Department

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about the artist

This is NOT your average N.Y. emcee. YES, he does possess the edgy east coast inner city delivery and lyrical eminence that most rappers would die for, but it doesn’t stop there. His witty, charismatic, sometimes humorous wordplay served with a side order of raspy & his song selection sets him apart from the huddled masses smothered in mediocrity. He is also quite the eye entree for the ladies, might I add (Physically fit!! I’m talking RIPPED- a real Brooklyn Bruce Lee here). Anyway, here goes his story.

As a premie/middle child, LeMar Bennett began searching for his voice and a sense of belonging at an early age. By the age of 8, he discovered he had a writing talent and it wouldn’t be long before that gift blossomed into the art of Rap Music. Being able to express his thoughts / feelings through the creative process of rhyming words together made him feel empowered. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, engaging in rap battles with other artists or just friendly sessions with peers sharpened his skill and gave him an acquired taste for success in this field. Whether it was studio sessions, local talent shows, or even performances out of state (such as New Jersey, Philadelphia, Virginia, Boston, Indiana, Maryland, etc.), he knew he had a future in this poetically rhythmic art form. By the time he was 15, he started purchasing production equipment and kept writing. Although being a talented lyricist was his first priority and love, he began branching off into making beats with dreams of one day being a prominent producer. In his late teenage years he and his 2 brothers (Kel “Lennie Bennett” Spencer & Flo “Lance Bennett” Blitz) caught the attention of a few well-established artists who admired their epic talents in poetic prose and formed a writing team called L. Bennett. Their clientele list would consist of names such as Mc Lyte, Nick Cannon, Will Smith, La La Vasquez, Full Force,and more. They even penned a Super Bowl fight song for the Baltimore Ravens in 2001. In his time spent with a group, LeMar, who went by the name “PAIN” in those days, earned production credit as well as featured performances on a multitude of projects including: The Streets Know That (E.P.), Who Is Kel Spencer? (Mixtape), and Brooklyn Spartans (Mixtape). Although opportunities were granted to the brothers, the middle child felt creatively stifled and muffled as an artist. “I wasn’t exercising my full potential” states the rapper/producer who had different plans for his music. In order to fully come out of his shell and claim his own voice, LeMar decided to part ways with his brothers on the music end becoming a soloist. Now was the time for him to discover and bring to the surface what has been hidden for so long. There were mixed emotions as this was a difficult process for him because it was lonely & challenging. However, he had finally attained it. The freedom and courage he has always longed for. He set out on a mission to change the “PAIN” that his peers once knew into a more diverse, well rounded, and refreshingly experimental artist. With Philadelphia producers Riz Deluxe & Ivan “Orthodox”, Brooklyn producers Sky Carter & Dre Touch, Maryland producer Sonny Brix, and of course his own production, he accomplished that which would only be the beginning of something big, something new, something FRESH. Shortly after going solo, LeMar made a move to Maryland where he would team up with the production forces of Sonny Brix, Bravo, Shadow Man Boogie, Young Pizzle, & Reazon as a musical camp/family known as The BANG DEPARTMENT. Here is where LeMar took his music to new heights both in production and as an artist. He had discovered a creativity, a new confidence, and profound understanding which he never knew before that time. This experience compelled him to not concentrate on the “PAIN”, but rather share LeMar with the world. With a few local performances under his belt in Maryland as “LeMar”, his focus is to expand his territory as well as influence. He has yet to get the attention of the majors as a soloist. But, because of his journey and position over the years and having worked with many established artists, he can be visualized as having one foot in the industry and one foot out. He often refers to himself as a “VETEROOKIE”, or his most popular moniker, as of late, the “YOUNG GEEZER”. He feels that with what he knows, what he has to offer, and what he can inspire, his sound is timeless. If you ask him, he’ll say “Yeah, its been a long time preparing for this, but  better late than later”…. His influences consist of old school hip hop, new school, other genres that he not only listens to for inspiration, but he genuinely LOVES the music. He incorporates anything and everything he is passionate about into his music. What he brings to the table isn’t weird alternative hip hop. It is actually uniquely strange and yet refreshing. "Life is my playground, as long as it connects with me emotionally, I can make it connect musically. In turn, connecting with the people creating resonance.” His sound, you may ask? Oh, let’s just say it’s for the generation he grew up in, the one before that, this one and the one that has yet to come. However, your alive in his lifetime so check him out right now!  Currently the artist formerly known as “Pain” & “LeMar” has adopted a spin off of his government name and is simply… MARLEE,a name which is gaining increased noteriety. As of late Marlee is making local noise in West virginia with his  club/radio hit sinlge entitled  LAID OFF “shots”   produced by Him & Sonny Brix “The Bangerz” . He also released an album prior to  which is entitled  “Le’Martial Arts – My Chi” . With records such as FALLIN UP, THE MORNING PAPER, GET IT DID, LAID OFF, ALCOJUANA, REALLY? & VOICES  the balance as well as ability of this artist  displays his readiness…


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Male, 33, Brooklyn, NY

Posted February 09, 2012