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Tiger Ranks


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    August 02, 2011

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    February 27

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    Dancehall, Reggae

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TIGER RANKS IS A DANCEHALL REGGAE ARTIST WORKING ON HIS FIRST PROJECT CALLED FLASHLIGHT ALREADY HAS A NUMBER OF BIG TUNES ON THE CD FROM HOTTA DEN U TO NICE & SLOW AS WELL AS A FEW COMBOS LIKE SO LOVLEY AND I DON'T KNOW Tiger Ranks is now with Hits Academy out of philadelphia but bfore that . TIGER RANKS AKA. "MR RANKIN" AKA "DI BEAST" in real Name JESSE H. is an upcoming DANCEHALL ARTIST from di new Reggae/Dancehall spot light TIGER RANKS had his first contact with Music from since he was a child, in his young years he used to sing in Church and during his free Time. From there on he was workin on his Deejay Skills. When he was 12 Years old he started to focus on Dancehall and Reggae. At this Time Tiger was already livin in the US, what influenced his own Deejay Style a lot. He was listenin to all kind off different music, to find and work on his own FLOW. In the rest of his Time Tiger always used the Chance to work with many different people to increase his musical experiences. In the age of sixteen TIGER RANKS worked with the AIR WAVES STUDIOS and with several other People in Puerto Rico. On AIR WAVES STUDIO he got a Number of Songs on a Reggaeton Compilation CD called " ENLACE CON CLASSE SONGS", like DROP DROP and EVERY BODY. In that Time he could be found on many Reggeaton Combinations with, KINGSTON & CHARLIE, N-JHON & RAFAL, BABY RANKS, GENE.......... when TIGER came back to the United States/Philadelphia he produced his first own CD called " DI RETURN OF MR. RANKIN " which was produced in the HIDDEN BEATZ STUDIOS by MERTZ one of Phillys hottest Producers. With this fresh and new Style TIGER gave the massive a new NUMBER ONE HIT on the under ground Radio 1360AM, with the Song "DI RUN DOWN" NOW TIGER RANKS aka. MR. RANKIN is back again. TIGER RANKS is now back to Finish and Release his new CD called "FLASHLIGHTS" for di Summer 2010. A nice CD to present a maaaaad new Dancehall Deejay. Di FLASHLIGHT CD gonna feature all kinds of Reggae and Dancehall Styles, a real CD for everyone. We have BIG TUNES like "HOTTA DAN YUH" , "NICE & SLOW" and "FLASHLIGHTS". Tunes that will mash up di Summer 2010. So watch out for di CD MAAAD CD for a MAAAD SUMMER... Bless and Love THE ORIGINAL TIGER RANKS aka. MR RANKIN (read less


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