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From Nigerian origins and Born in the heart of Southeast London, Denmark Hill (Kings College Hospital), named Miss Sarah, Titilayo, Enefuwa, Adewusi a star was born. Its 2011 and Serenity has achieved her biggest of all aims in life, with her influencing others dreams and reality, every day is a party for miss serenity, celebrating twenty years of independence serenity has developed her vocal ability. Her love for music has paid off her time to push for her dreams. In spite her name not being known worldwide Serenity hasn’t stop.

Her performances have led to a gigs, which has led her to performing around London and in her current place of stay, Southampton. Southampton Solent University is where she studies, International Business Management as degree, serenity has also successfully joined in on the Solent Got Talent Show in September 2009 when she newly started. To her surprise she not only come first but won the cash prize money and the opportunity to sing for the end of year Graduation ball in October 2010.

 Her last performance was in the Hamptons on the 30th of April Southampton where she amazed the audience with her new single “Rock, Paper Scissors Life, recently produced by smooth beats only. She has proved herself a major talent! There’s a root to every talent and yes serenity first love wasn’t sing but Acting. From 2002 it was proven that she was very good at acting and so she pursues it as a btech national at secondary school. With performances at the west end in 2005, serenity played Macbeth in the play by William Shakespeare; this led to her doing her first talent show in her sixth form in south east London plumstead, where she won second place in a duet with Mr. Ikem ifeboe with his encouragement and her mother’s support , Serenity then decided to join a youth club called push arts were she was able to show off her acting an d singing skills in practice and also for three main performances in big theatres, where serenity was able to enhance my skills in both singing and acting.

All three performances where amazing as serenity was able to meet everyone and also speak others performance in a much larger audiences.”My love for music has taken me to high heights, I know God has a bigger plan for me, from singing in the church from the age of 9 and since then I have seen him transform me in an excellent way, in my educational and me as a person!” I’m a mother made for a nation, Mama Africa.

There are so many amazing music genres, serenity agrees but she is so in love with Soul, the Blues, Rnb and Reggae! She has been inspired by singers like Angie Stone, Stevie wonder, Jill scoot, Erukyah Badu, Bob Marley, Etta James, Aretha Franklin as Lauryn hill and today’s Chrisette Michele, Mary mary, Jennifer Hudson and Etana and Asa from Nigeria. “Soul Music is what I do breathe and live on, it’s the Three in One. Spirit soul and Body, I urge to meet the needs of what’s hurting our nation. Through music that changes lives and heals the people.


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