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Neo Soul Acid Jazz Collective

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What do you get when you cross several of the music industry’s top Trip Hop and Breakbeat producers with an ensemble of multi-generational Jazz musicians? Jundownload summed it up best when reviewing the group’s debut release, “Urbane Rhapsoidia”:


“There’s no confusion over what flavour vibes these guys are riding on; their meta data seeping from every word, Neo Soul Acid Jazz Collective are honed perfectly for these sexy SEO-tinged times. But let’s dig deeper, what other tags could you attach to such a smooth, slinky four-track session? Effortlessly easy-going grooves, each cut is instrumental bliss, that’s just waiting for the vocal delights of discerning MCs such as Ty or Q-Tip, or your very own collection of dope accapellas. There’s more than a whiff of Roy Ayers at play here, too, with wandering synth licks, freak fretless bass runs and endless sunshine splashed across each track.”


January 19, 2013

Out Now! Neo Soul Acid Jazz Collective - "Urban Rhapsody."

Out Now! Neo Soul Acid Jazz Collective - "Urban Rhapsody." Smooth Neo Soul rhythms for the lover in you. Check it! Available at leading online music outlets.

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