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 Fresha beats is an Amature  Book Author .That has written the books fesha (A Whore AND A House wife, and Fesha Tissy Love... I am in  the middle of writing a true story call Buddy crush with a celebrity with malice intents. Self made music producer and online talk show host of '', producer and director of the show along with film and editor..Inspired to own my own  mobile fish restaurant someday


December 24, 2016

To new beginnings.This my first attempt at black planet.

 I don't spend alot of timee with my black let' start here.i won't chat but you can shout me an email..i don't do facebook or none of thse sites.except pinerest and soundcloud.once i build a deecent fan base i will open I.G for the public.its private for those i personally know at this time.Hopefully in the future when i open a fish business i will have my people to support me.Thanks

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