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About Artistree

A creative integration of music, vocals and poetic ideas. These Pittsburgh vocalists/rap artists consisting of four lifelong friends are blending harmonies and hip/hop into a unique mix of R&B. "Music is an art form," says the group. "We are still growing and developing...branching out the more we work together. This album reflects our growth and maturity."

If it is a ballad you want: they can sing it. If it is straight hip/hop you seek: they can kick it. And if you can't seem to make up your mind they can integrate it all together to create something truly unique!

The many styles of Artistree, produced by Soundscape Studio, are heard in songs like 'You Should Have Been the First' which is a straight ballad where the group members display singing abilities that would make any woman weak. For R&B and hip/hop lovers, "Thoughts Of Celebration" is a jam showcasing their rhyming and singing styles.

Artistree plans to continue on the journey of having a positive image in which younger listeners can look up to. They feel they have a gift and want to share it with other people. Artistree is focused on their personal musical development, and they are striving to be a major force in the music industry.

All of the songs on "The Truth" reflect personal episodes they have encountered. "We write about what we know and experience," says Artistree. Each group member brings something special to each song:

Bacardi: Can blend controlled vocals with raw hip/hop lyrics. His talent is creating vocal arrangments/harmonies and songwriting.

Boots: Lends smooth vocals that are vocally diverse, fluent and strong. He is the groups mediator, musical co-producer and songwriter.

La-Rue: Brings vocals that are powerful, mature, soulful and rugged. He is the choreographer, clothing coordinator and lead songwriter.

Storm: Delivers vocals that are heavenly and angelic; smooth and spiritual. He leads the group with his organizational and motivational skills. He is the group's spokesperson, musical co-producer and songwriter.


March 31, 2008

April 2008

April 2008

04/19/2008 07:30 PM - Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland
Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 - $25
Artistree will be performing at the Carnegie Music Hall Sugar N -Soul for a Hill House Association fundraising event sponsored by Darkins Communication.

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