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DJ Mirrage

"Holla at ya Boi!!!"

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Ever since listening to his first screw tape, DJ Mirrage knew he wanted to be like the infamous DJ Screw. At first only doing tracks that Swisha House never did just to be the only one to have tracks screwed and chopped, someone suggested that he should get his music out. .


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Female, 58, Palmetto, FL

Posted February 18, 2008

i like your music hope you keep it real i am from fla and i no good music i also love old school now i like the hip hop so keep up the great work if you get a chance please look at my page hope u like


Female, 47, Houston, TX

Posted January 10, 2008

Lady from H-town showing you madd luv. U know they say the 30's is the 20's....(jay z)
The Dirty South staying screw up all day baby. Lone Star State get it straight..


Female, 43, Fayetteville, GA

Posted May 23, 2007

Im feeling you Mirriage.After living several yrs. in TxI cant seem to get enough.Going to Aug,Ga and having my screw stoleing from me was like taking a peice of me.But when you introduce %#&@$! to people who dont know the frist response is thats BS , but the same try and clip u for ur issue,its cool.keep it real and hold home down.TRU southern belle aout that boot!!! B.R. La.