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My name is Dragan M. Nikolic , I am from Yugoslavia, now in this something called Serbia. I am song-maker, singer, guitar and bass-guitar player, etc.

Prior to internet, I was a member of more bands in Yugoslavia, mostly in this part of Serbia, had few TV appearences, few radio interviews, was in press, had more than 50 live concerts (before 1996, up to 5000 visitors), and all of that being unsigned, although, I played bass-guitar in one 'signed' band, and sang side vocals on recording of the album of another one signed band.

I am B.Sc.EE from Belgrade Yu University, worked in education as a high-school professor, in few factories as an engineer, constructed high-voltage cables (where I closely cooperated with the commercials), etc.

I am not married, but am in long-term relationship.

Looking for: Contract for some US Music Record company, with me as one of the contracted sides.


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