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Dru Hill

"InDRUpendence Day hits stores April 13th, 2010"

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After eight years, R&B multi-platinum group Dru Hill reunites and signs a new recording contract with Kedar Entertainment. Sisqo, Nokio, Jazz and new member Tao (pronounced Tay-oh) are back and will release their fourth CD offering, InDRUpendence Day in stores April 13, 2010. The new single, “Love M.D.” is a sexy mid-tempo ballad and will impact mainstream, urban adult contemporary and crossover radio on Tuesday, January 26 with all formats including mainstream and crossover to follow. The new album is a soulful blend of R&B, rock, hip-hop and romance–in true trademark Dru Hill form.

There are several key local and national radio promotions, performances and interviews scheduled for the release of the album. Kedar Massenburg, President and CEO of Kedar Entertainment, is very excited to work on their reunion project. “I’ve always been a fan of Dru Hill and I’m happy to be in partnership with them,” says Kedar. “We look forward to further developing the Dru Hill brand and exploring the numerous marketing and promotional opportunities available to them including solo releases from Sisqo and Nokio’s rock group, Black Angel Down.

In 2001, the group disbanded so that members could pursue solo careers. Dru Hill group member, Sisqo went on to achieve international success with the acclaim debut album release, Unleash the Dragon, which included the mega hit, “Thong Song.” The album sold over eight million units worldwide, while former group member Woody went on to pursue a career in gospel music. This year, Dru Hill will star in a reality TV series titled Sweat’s Platinum House, produced by label mate Keith Sweat and airing on CENTRIC. The series is guaranteed to keep audiences glued to their seats and further demonstrates the group’s provocative and edgy swagger. In addition to Sweat’s Platinum House, Dru Hill’s member Sisqo also stars in the London based (UK) TV sensation, Big Brother. The show has already garnered international visibility for the group and is an excellent marketing vehicle for the CD project oversees. Plans are currently underway for a 25 U.S. City “House of Blues” promo tour scheduled March through April with Joe and Keith Sweat. An international tour of Europe, Asia and Africa is set for May 2010. Dates for the promo and concert tour will be announced in the coming weeks.


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Female, 42, Adrian, MI

Posted June 07, 2011

Cant no one elaborate quite like Dru Hill for years music still the best.


Female, 32, Brooklyn, NY

Posted January 09, 2011

I've loved you guys since I was a little girl and I'm still loving you guys now.


Male, 40, Uruguay

Posted October 30, 2010

HEY GUYS... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH... Really, really, really YOU ARE PERFECT. Everything is perfect on you... All is perfect. WONDERFUL VOICES...


Male, 41, Minneapolis, MN

Posted October 29, 2010

tha game needs yall


Female, 32, New Britain, CT

Posted October 06, 2010

it's been along time coming, but i am happy you guys are back. i missed you guys alot, but i have every dru hill cd and sisqo's unleash the dragon cd. i'm glad and await for more music to come.


Female, 46, Quincy, FL

Posted September 23, 2010

I am glad to hear that you guys are back. OMG, I am so surprised, I love u guys. Ya'll guys still sound good, keep doing what u do. Love u .


Male, Age Private, Owings Mills, MD

Posted September 18, 2010

!!! Studying Yacub !!!

I will tell you what happened. This is classified stuff, but what the hell, I will declassify it.

Over eighty thousand years ago, during the most recent ice age, in Africa, the first civilization arose. Africa was much less arid back then; Egypt, for instance, was all forest, and the Mediterranean did not exist as it does now; instead, there were only two much smaller inland seas or lakes.

I will not go into the history of Africa over the 70,000 years that followed. I shall instead focus on what happened near the end of it, which was also the end of the last and perhaps greatest civilization. Science and culture were at an unparalleled zenith. Massive, spired cities reached for the Heavens - millions of people grew up without want or need, all their desires provided for, with vast amounts of clean, sustainable energy available. War had been abolished 10,000 years before. Natural disasters were overcome or even averted. It was the Golden Age of mankind, it was paradise.
The snake in this paradise was curiosity. A man named Yacub (that's the way we write it, anyway... you might as well call him Jacob) was experimenting with genetics. He had already received two reprimands for his all-too-inhuman research, creating hideous animal hybrids with no regard for their well-being.
He finally went over the edge when he created what was called, after he was found out, the "Ekhelaji" - in their long-dead language, "ghost beast". The word was an anachronism; we would have called it a 'devil', but such words were alien to their world.
Fact is, Jacub was a sociopath. But his society had not recognized it. They believed love and understanding could overcome anything. They had not reckoned with a fluke: that one man would manifest all the evils they believed had been bred out of society thousands of years before AND be a genius.
Jacub hated his fellow people. He did not understand them, as they did not understand him. He eventually resolved to create a people of his own, in his own image. Full of hate and the desire to dominate, and with the physical prowess to do so, they would be the mankind after overthrowing society. The people would never know what hit them.
He bred the first one in his own laboratory in what is now Sudan. Sudan is the birth place of the white race.
He named him "Yané" - 'Son'. The first man of a race. Yacub said he was perfect. The man who ultimately killed him described him as a living nightmare: lanky, long-limbed, wiry, big hands and feet, protruding bone struts - and that skin, white, white as chalk, coldly reflective, with the veins obscenely shining through... and the eyes... the eyes like blue sapphires, which see only prey to hunt and kill. Yané moved with inhuman speed, possessed inhuman strength, and was driven by unheard-of blood lust.
Yacub's dream never came to flourish. When his creations numbered three dozen - one dozen males, two dozen females, every bit as brutal and deadly as the men - they turned on him and tore him to pieces. They abandoned the lab, and soon after encountered the first humans.
Over the following six months, they killed and pillaged and raped - more than eight thousand people died. Finally, an overwhelming force of the 'Tara, the ritual warriors who hadn't had to fight anyone for centuries, managed to overcome them. They were horrified at the creatures innate humanity - these were not alien monsters or animals, but transformed human beings. Yacub had forged a human race from his own DNA.
The three dozen were slain, but the 'Tara did not allow the half-breed offspring of over a thousand raped and pregnant women to be killed. Society agreed: justice had to be maintained and they could not kill the children for the sins of their parents.
The blood was expected to have thinned-out, but over the generations that followed the "white" genes refused to disappear. Rather, a sub-class of society arose that refused to be stamped out - rather, proliferated.
When the ice age ended, some ten thousand years before our time, the African empires collapsed in the environmental upheaval, thanks in no small part by the brutal uprising of the whites.
Eventually, the were driven out... and the survivors moved North, where they flourished,


Male, Age Private, Wake Forest, NC

Posted September 01, 2010

welcome back ma booz


Female, 31, Birmingham, AL

Posted August 27, 2010

wuzup 2 everybody this yur giirl ms_sexyAL holla back!!!!!!!!!!


Male, 51, Birmingham, AL

Posted August 24, 2010

brother smooth and bad.

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