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Ebony Diamond

"ebony diamond"

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Ebony Diamond is the first Senegambian female rapper. She was born in The Gambia in September 1988. A few months later, Ebony's parents moved to Senegal where she grew up. She get to love music at a very early age and as a result, her older sister would play music for her anytime she cried to stop her from crying. Ebony came from a family of musicians and had no choice but to love music herself.She loves to listen to music but cannot play any instrument. Ebony's family played a great role in her music career which she never took serious but as fun and a stress reliever. She never thought about pursuing music as a career until at the age of 13 when she put together a teen music group with friends. She started by writing rhymes and poetry which she has been keeping. She recently started to put her writings into music which she records at home during her free and private time. Ebony came to the United States for a 6 months holiday in 1997.Having like it, she came back to stay in 1999.She currently lives in Staten Island- New York. Ebony is the first female artists of Glorious Fire Records which consists of many different emcees. Reppin' Galsen and Gambia to the fullest, she's black n she's luvin' it. Ebony Diamond( First Lady OF Glorious Fire Records)


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Female, Age Private, Morrow, GA

Posted August 04, 2007

I like it keep doing what you do shawty