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What up everybody! I am Freestyle Fanatic, born Billy Duncan. I am orignally from Chicago, but i have also lived in San Diego and Bakersfield California. I started rapping in junior high school battling on the playground. It just snowballed from there. I started doing talent shows and my name spread around town. People from other highschools would ditch school to come see me and get merked. I learned how to play the drums in school, where i learned to read and write music.


During this time is spent my summers in Chicago freestyling with a whole different flavor if emcees. This helped to shape the style that i have today. After highschool i hosted open mic night in the basement of Jerry's Pizza in downtown Bakersfield. I gained the repsect of all the hoods after that.

Some of you may remeber me from The Core internet radio station. We used to broadcast live hip hop and r&b 24/7. One love to all my Core fam that is still my friends to this day!!!! That was my taste of the industry life. After The Core i started a band called Smokey da Pornostar.

This band consited of me Freestyle Fanatic on drums, Morris Morgan on bass, and Trevor Smith on rhythem guitar.  We played all the local bars and clubs in Bakersfield really partying like a rockstar.

From the hood to the burbs, on stage, or on the internet, i have rocked it.

You can download my music at .


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Female, 37, Lees Summit, MO

Posted February 02, 2010

Hello there it's your girl Mo, just dropping by to show you some love and to let you know that somebody digs you!! Your page is dope and fresh and I am really feeling it and you!! You got it going on!! Much love!! May GOD keep blessing you!! Keep your head up & don't let anyone turn you away from your dreams & goals!! Keep reaching for the stars!!!


Female, Age Private, Windsor Mill, MD

Posted May 07, 2009

CRZY N LUV 4 U!!!!!!!!!



Female, Age Private, Windsor Mill, MD

Posted May 04, 2009

billy - thanks for the luv - i am feeling your flavor here! you got a nice sound and the beats are flowing just right.

(wannabee wifey - lol)

peace, luv & flight 2 u


Female, Age Private, Oak Park, IL

Posted April 29, 2009

You doing it Teddy Bear Give me some Hugs xxxxxxx Luv Ya Smiles :-)


Male, Age Private, New York, NY

Posted April 26, 2009

%#&@$! it out, kid!
Love to the 619/92154!
El Niño Héroe