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"Concentrated on Keeping the Focus of Music Dedicated to Reality!!!"

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Gods'Illa is a group comprised of great minds and concentrated on keeping the focus of music dedicated to reality. The group consists of three physical brothers, Acem, 7-1-20 and Powerful. The brothers vary in style, as they do in age, with each individual contributing a unique element that helps them to create a sound which they collectively describe as "Universal". Although Gods'Illa is fairly new to the scene, they are far from rookies!!! The two eldest members, who hail from PG County, MD, have been rhyming for over ten years as well as recording with independent record label Unlimited Vinyl Ink while the youngest lyricist, Powerful (raised in Brooklyn, NY but spent many years in PG) has been crafting his art alongside them and represents the energy within the dynamic.


January 31, 2010

Debut LP Available March 2, 2010!!!

Gods'Illa's debut album Up And Up Presents...Gods'Illa: The Album will be available digitally March 2, 2010!!!

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