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On music, as on life in general, we privilege a spontaneous and experimentalist atittude: we avoid pre-conceived programs by default, and we like and prefer to be not concerned about words and meanings, when we make music, but being interested on freedom of expression itself rather than to rationalise it or try to explain it...
All because, FUN is FUNdaMENTAL, we believe,
BUT... to be FUN one MUST to feel FREE.
SO, FREEDOM is our principle of FAITH
as ART our concept of Religion
and MUSIC, specially, we face it
as an autonomous universal language,
probably, the best way to express and share it
with humans and all other beings on nature.
MUSIC could be used to make you kill or to save your soul;
To celebrate a victory or to dry your tears;
Music is the air we breath,
And the light our heart needs.



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