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They would hear their favorite rappers boast of ''bling-bling" and ''thug life" on the radio. They were 12-year-olds, from a middle-class Dorchester neighborhood, but Edwin ''E.J." Duncan and Jelani Haynes thought they could do it better. With a used keyboard and a beat-box machine, they set out for hip-hop glory. They first performed for the youth group at their church, lacing Gospel lyrics over secular beats so their devout Christian parents wouldn't mind. They called themselves Graveside, a name that lent them street cred and made their mothers roll their eyes. Four more boys eventually joined the crew, two of them from Wakefield, where Duncan was a Metco student. In 2002, the six teenagers opened for the rapper Talib Kweli at a club on Lansdowne Street. Fame seemed imminent. Duncan set up a makeshift studio in the basement of the Bourneside Street three-decker where he lived with his mother and stepfather. There, the group, now young men, composed songs about ''sexy" handguns and about bodies ripped apart by bullets. This summer, they recorded a CD and began handing out discs to anyone who they thought might help them get a contract SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT!!!!!!!!!! Wut up everybody out there showin some love. For those of you who dont know this is GRAVESIDE PRODUCTIONS from the dirty BEAN. We rep Mass all day from the Field to the Field suburbs to the city. If you dont know we got a mixtape out on the streets hosted by Mr. Peter Parker formaly with WILD977 "The Official Basement Files Vol1". Its got bangas all ova, hood classics and you need to go get you some in ur life. If you wanna hear some exclusive shit hit up 88.9fm, 1300am, and 945 and look for the new single to hit the streets from Graveside. Flood them with calls and support the movement. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DONATE TO : THE GRAVESIDE MEMORIAL FUND THE WAKEFIELD SAVINGS BANK P.O. BOX 30 HELP THE FAMILES!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT FORGET EDWIN, JASON, CHRIS, AND JIHAD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a tribute to the rap group Graveside of whom 3 of its members were shot and killed in a shooting in Dorchester. Cops charge pair in massacre By ORyan Johnson and Peter Gelzinis Saturday, May 20, 2006 - Updated: 12:51 AM EST The two men police said are responsible for the quadruple murder that came to symbolize the out-of-control violence that led to Bostons bloodiest year in a decade, were arrested yesterday for the crime. Calvin Carnes, 19 of Dorchester, the suspected triggerman in the Dec. 13 bloodbath in a basement rap studio at a home on Bourneside Street, was arrested in Onset last night. He is charged with four counts of murder, four counts of armed robbery, and three counts of possession of a firearm. Another 19-year-old, Robert Turner, was arrested in Dorchester and charged with four counts of accessory to murder and three counts of possession of a firearm. Both will be arraigned Monday in Dorchester District Court. I hope these charges send a strong message to our community, Boston police Commissioner Kathleen OToole said. The Boston Police Department will work tirelessly to bring murderers to justice It may take time to build a case to get it right but this department will never give up. Jihad Chankhour, 22, Christopher Vieira, 19, Jason Bachiller, 21, and Edwin E.J. Duncan, 21, were shot to death between the studios sound-proofed walls after a fight that erupted when Vieira was flashing a handgun he carried for protection, sources said. There was no forced entry, since it appears that Carnes and Turner each knew at least one of the men they are now suspected of killing, sources said. The four counts of armed robbery charged to Carnes as well as the possession of firearms charged to both Carnes and Turner resulted from Carnes stealing a shotgun, handgun, and AK-47 from the studio, and using Vieiras 1998 Ford Escort as a getaway car, the source said. Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley said a grand jury, which so far has heard from four dozen witnesses and seen 75 pieces of evidence, is still investigating. Were still trying to figure out exactly what happened, said Chankhours brother, whose family celebrated the slain mans birthday Wednesday by lighting a candle at his grave in Wakefield. All we know is that my brother was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Duncan, Vieira, and Bachiller started a fledgling hip hip group named Graveside. Duncan, who lived at the Bourneside Street home was the only Dorchester resident in the group. He met the three other men as a Metco student attending Wakefield High School.


August 27, 2008


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