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Morpheus B

"Universal Beats ... Universal Peace"

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About Morpheus B

Composer, producer, song writer, and DJ, Morpheus B taps into the universal groove collective to create music which is uniquely his. Incorporating elements from multiple genres (jazz, funk, electronica, R&B, HipHop, rock, reggae, and world/new age), Morpheus B creates an expansive musical soundscape with something for every body and every mood.


Why the name "Morpheus B"? "Morpheus" as in "one who morphs": Not bound by the limits of any one musical genre. Free to explore the limits of creativity.


With Top 10 songs in multiple genres on the old, Morpheus B won 2nd Place - Best Jazz Instrumental Song in the 2002 MP3 Grammys for his track "La Guitara". Morpheus B has been building a global fan base for over six years. Listen and enjoy!


"Sit back and relax. Release yourself to the sound.
Let a tonal massage sooth your body.
And your mind, bathed in a cosmic shower
of harmonies and melodies,
will find peace and tranquility."

Morpheus B


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