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Terry Thomas

"Soul Singing Sensation... Terry Thomas"

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TERRY THOMAS: The Terry Thomas Experiment

Terry Thomas

The Terry Thomas Experiment

2005 SoulFire Music Group (183150000127)


A Hot, new R&B project with hints of classic influences. A must have. Go Listen.


Terry has been wooing and romancing audiences with his strong, smoky and soulful sound since he was a young man growing up in Detroit, Michigan. He has since formed his own dynamic vocal style with influences from great vocalists like Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, and Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire. These artists have paved the way for Terry, inspiring him to reach musical heights and to establish a career path to his musical destiny. Terry was singing in church choirs and school choruses before he was old enough to conceive of the energy that he channeled through his voice. He has been blessed with a God given talent to extend his passion and strength, to reach the hearts and souls of people with his songs. He has sung of love at countless weddings and grieved with friends and love ones singing his last respects at many funerals. He has done several commercial jingles and worked with many industry professionals on various musical projects including Mario Winans, Michael Powell, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Daryl Coley, Ronnie Laws, Howard Hewitt, David Hollister, Althea Rene', BabyFace, Con Funk Shun and many others. Touring the country with the gospel musical, "Only The Strong", Terry's voice became the inspirational character of "Pastor Jackson." More recently, the artist has been blessed with the opportunity to have two songs from his cd featured in the movie, "Doing Hard Time," starring Boris Kodjoe. He is currently awaiting the release of the TD Jakes/Morris Chestnut film, "Not Easily Broken," in which he makes a cameo appearance. The film stars Morris Chestnut, Taraji P. Henson, Maeve Quinlin, Jennifer Lewis, Niecy Nash, Wood Harris, Kevin Hart, Eddie Cibrian, Albert Hall and Lee Reherman. Terry is a true "Detroiter" always showing love and praise for his family and friends and giving homage to Motown, the city that has given him the roots, culture and motivation to deliver his songs with sincerity and soul. He strives on the emotional exchange that is ignited whenever he has an opportunity to perform for his adoring fans. Terry has been supported by his record label SoulFire Music Group, which was formed in January 2004. The cd was produced in Los Angeles, CA. There he was presented with the opportunity to work with a fusion of talents that together with Terry's delivery of the vocals create a soulful R&B sound. "The Terry Thomas Experiment" is the first project to be launched from the Detroit based record label. This album is a collection of upbeat grooves and soulful ballads. There are tracks that will excite you and make you dance as well as songs that will make you feel the joy and pain that love and life can bring. Every song delivers it's own sensations, expressing the experiences and challenges one faces to rise above and follow one's bliss.


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  • Ginaboo

    I think that ur Great you have an old soul in you and ur voice it's Dynamice SMOOCHIES!

  • author: onedrea73

    great job love ur cd it made me feel so safe!

  • Great!!!!
    author: Candi

    I love your sound!!!!

  • Talented
    author: Shinika

    The CD is magnificent!!! It puts you in mind of David Hollister a bit. May God continue blessing you and your talent.

  • author: Sherry

    You have a very nice CD. Keep up the good work.

  • I must have it.
    author: Saasha

    Loving it. This Cd could take me from steppin to lovemaking.

  • Mesmerizing Sound
    author: Yur Sista

    I have always believed in your talent, I wish u much love & success Love Rach

  • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!
    author: Ryan Dunn

    I have to say I was shocked at the quality of this CD. Terry has a wide vocal range that is articulated through every well put together chord. The music just basically flows. A must have for relaxing with your lady. Terry, you are a Sleeping Giant...your time has come!

  • Luvin It
    author: MsPause

    This CD is truly for the grown and sexy. Terry Thomas has an awesome voice. I look forward to hearing from him for many years to come.

  • Wow!
    author: MsBlkMystic

    Terry!! I am loving the CD. Its hard to pick a favorite song off of the CD. Each track is hitting home. Much Success to you in the future. God Bless.

    author: Moe

    I know this cat personally, his spirit is as pure as his music. He should have had a deal years ago. The good thing about good music is that its not dated. So keep doing what you're doing. This is an awesome cd made by an awesome talent, you definitely need this in your collection.

  • You go Boy!! Sound like U got UR voice from some church?
    author: Best friend Mr. Barry Lockhart

    Very inspiring voice Im gonna have my first child 2 your music.

  • I love it!
    author: Rosepedals

    It's a very unique and awksome CD.

  • Excellent!
    author: Shani

    This entire cd was great. I loved every track. It was definitely worth every penny!

  • at first i was trying 2 get at u but, after listening to ur songs i have fell in
    author: hips

    i want to make love listening 2 your music everytime..time 2 put r.kelly to rest!!

  • Absolutely Beautiful Sound
    author: MI_Mrs

    I must say that I was blown away, encouraged and soothed ... I am definetely going to buy the CD today ... this is a sound that has been missing for a long time ... Thanks for bringing romance (not sex) back into MUSIC ...

    author: BlakPassions

    Your CD is just awesome. I normally don't venture to sites left in my note box about some business but this one was well worth the risk. I will most definitely be ordering your CD and spreading the word about it throughout the South. You truly have a God given talent to sing. Please keep gracing us with your Soul Fire music.

  • grownfolks 4sho!
    author: bg-sxs1

    `goodluck!Ilistened to the preview great vocals this cd is hot iwill be purchasing asap this cd is going to blow up thanks for the invite

  • Grown & Sexy Music
    author: NaKita

    This cd is for the Grown & Sexy people. Get the cd it is a must have in the house and car !

  • Makes U Want 2 Fall N Love Again and Again............
    author: Teianna (Only2bluved)

    Usually, I don't entertain notes from people I do not know, promoting their business or music. But, I am so glad that this time I did. I love this CD and I will definitely be buying this CD. Terry you did that. Keep doing it because you look good doing it!!!!!!!! Good luck and May God Bless you in all your endevours. Much LUV, Only2bluved.

  • Smooth Urban Stylings
    author: Kent Agee I

    Dynamic musical backdrop supports the athletic vocals harmoniously. The D strikes again!

  • Nice soothing sounds
    author: Lashanda Lowe

    Very talented, nice enjoyable sounds you can sit back and relax to.

    author: Ambyr

    I play it on the way to work, I play it for friends, and I play it while I study. I find myself singing the words and humming the melodies. Its a very nice CD - I appreciate quality music in a time where artists are putting out trash.

  • Exceptional Talent. You are destined for Greatness!
    author: Clara Hopkins

    Such sweet melodies have not been heard since Marvin Gaye. This CD took me places I haven't been in a long time!

  • A Hot & Sexy CD
    author: JB

    I love the CD. Every track is different and special. I listen to the CD all day while I am at work. All the tracks are sweet and sexy. Terry is definitely carving a niche as one of R & B's newest ghetto balladeers.

  • nice
    author: tek

    i love

  • author: Nia


  • i loved this album i hope you distibute to flint (music planet)
    author: realdeal

    this album had me crying i loved it i would buy two please keep up the good work!!!!

  • Slamming Sultry Sounds...His voice puts me in the mood...
    author: FloeticPashun

    Terry sent me a link to check him out and I was taken by the very first song! I love this and he is from my home town...that is even better! Muah! Do your thing Terry!

  • Impressive!
    author: Wyneice

    I'm loving the songs and I see GREAT things coming in the future. Keep up the great work. It's a wonderful CD!

  • The best CD out today!
    author: R. Rox

    This CD is breath-taking! Every song leaves you wanting more! This is a must have. Terry...a Grammy is calling your name! Go get it!

  • author: Dinetta

    The hottest thing coming out of Detroit in years!!!

  • My HomeBoy Has Made IT...
    author: duane P.

    The CD has a smooth bassy R&B feel, that will make you pet your feet, and bounce head.

  • very hot cd
    author: ronnie g



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Female, 41, Cleveland, OH

Posted July 25, 2012

just stopping in to say hello


Female, 58, Cherry Hill, NJ

Posted October 09, 2008

Something, Something, means everything to me. Your song just about sums up your music to me. It's so beautiful and romantic. You have a fan in me. YOu know, I think I'll take a chance on love. 'smile'

Bless you for giving us such a sound you can not only listen to but can feel in our hearts.


Male, 44, Los Angeles, CA

Posted September 23, 2008

Cool R&B just when I thought people didn't sing like this anymore...!