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LYN (Leonard) was born April 19, in Chicago,Illinois reared in the inner city of Chicago by his parents, yes God blessed him to come up in a two parent home, LYN grew up in First Church of Deliverance under the leadership of its founder the Rev.Clarence H.Cobbs,after his passing in June,1979 Rev.Eugene D.Gray became his spiritual leader. Rev Gray passed 8.2.94 and later Bishop Otto T.Houston,III. He served over thirty (30) years singing in the choir of FCD (Childrens Choir, Young Adult Choir, and the Senoir Chior) June of 1997, after he moved his membership to Redeeming Church of Christ founded by Bishop James L.Anderson pastored by Apostle Paul A.Southerland. LYN again always ready to work for the Lord,served as Treasurer for the Men's Family Ministry, song in the Faith Choir, served on the church Property Committee, Assistant to the Men's Family Ministry Pastor(Rev.Jeffery Hatcher) LYN was ordained to the Ministry of Service to the church (local assembly) at Redeeming Church of Christ on August 17,1997 A year later he returned to FCD under the leadership of Bishop Otto T.Houston,III.and served in the choir again until it was time to move. May 8,2003 LYN went to New York,NY for some much needed rest, and to see NY not knowing what was about to take place in the BIG APPLE. LYN united with Richardson Memorial Spiritual Church founded by Rev.L.R.Murphy under the leadership of Bishop Levi Richards,Jr.whom also feed LYN spiritual food in Chicago at First Church of Deliverance.After joining Richardson Bishop appointed LYN Chairperson of the Evangelist Board and a member of the church Board of Directors, alongside,Martha Wash and Katie Smith and song alside some greats at FCD,RCC,RMSC and MSCC At the 81st annual convention of Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ,Inc. in Los Angeles,Ca LYN receved his 1st Time Minister License as a Preacher, under MSCC. God has truly blessed him with the gift of prophecy and he is still telling men, women, boys and girls that there is a word from the Lord, and Jesus Is The Light of The World Now the Artist....... still with a massage LYN has a unique voice, back in the early days LYN got his start vocalist begin in the church choir back home in Chicago, and Los Angeles in the community choirs back in th late 80's and 90's . In 2009 He recorded his first 3 solo single mixes with producer R.J.McMillan in NY"This is our time" is the first single from the upcoming realse of the project "Show Me Lord" GospelHouse CD with "Holy" "BeenThere DidThat DoneIt" and the Hit" Thank You" on Holy the preacher come out in LYN as he read from James 1:12&13 and James 2:5 what ever you say.... he still telling him THANK YOU.....




Sounds Like: Celeda,Frankie Knuckles,Marshall Jefferson,Bryan Walton,Adeva,Byron Stingily,Kenny Bobien,Bobby Pruitt Michael proctor

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