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Tiago Malta & Aparelhagem Malk espanca

"cyberpunk nercore funk triphop digital hard-core"

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In this solo project (created in mid-2003) the poet and multi-instrumentalist "Tiago Malta". His poems blend with electronic rhythms, their verses and rhymes fast acids are bonded to digital productions copyright walking from the lightness of a Trip-Hop to the fury of Miami Bass. The themes are generally around the universe Cyber Punk, urbanism and culture nerdcore.O Malk Espanca is centered mainly in the culture Cyber Punk showing the anguish of the man in front of the machine in a relationship of love and hate. You sound stimulus without naming, but made to confuse, but as her body shakes with the sound he is not sure if vai vai headbanging or out dancing and still will not get carried away by an "arsenal of verses." The name was inspired by the Clan Malkavian RPG game "Vampire the Masquerade" and together on behalf of the Portuguese poet Florbela Espanca.


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