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Walt Powell

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To listen to any guitar virtuoso tell their story through mastery of their instrument is awe-inspiring. To hear guitar virtuoso Walt Powell tell his story through his trusty Ibanez is to experience a musical tour de force. Walt Powell serves up his technical chops with the kind of musical chutzpah reserved for those technicians at the top of their game. Listening to Walt Powell's album "Fire From The Fretboard" only further solidifies that fact.

Powell leaves no doubt with the listener as to his pedigree both as a shredder and a composer as he lures us to incredible heights with his solo "Neo-Classical Dreams". He holds us aloft in an electrically-charged atmosphere with his incendiary brand of fretboard pyrotechnics, and keeps us captive until the final refrains of the song. Then and only then does he let us go. It is this level of skill and ability that cements him firmly in the star-studded company of guitar virtuosos like Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani and Eddie Van Halen, to name a few.

If Walt Powell's fretboard work-over on "Neo-Classical Dreams" leaves you at a loss for words (as is customary) then you should bask in his equally inspired offerings "Beethoven's Dance", "Etude" and "A Touch of Jazz." However, for this reviewer, it is his stunning cover of Vai's classic piece of soul candy "For the Love of God" (which, by the way, isn't included on the CD) that certifies him in my mind as being able to do damn near anything he wants to on a guitar. Powell takes on an already incredibly beautiful work of art and laces it with his own personal touches, ultimately serving up a respectfully updated and soulful version of this solid and much covered classic. If you loved Steve Vai's original, then you will adore this respectful reprise of a mighty song.

You can check out Walt Powell at his My Space address: While you're there don't forget to listen to "Godz of War". If you're feeling it as much as so many of his fans are, you may want to leave him a comment asking him to add a version of the song to his player, that doesn't contain the interview (that'll be just for the Walt Powell fans who like their masterpieces unadulterated).

You can order Walt Powell's album "Fire From The Fretboard" from CD Baby or his tunes via download from iTunes.


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August 07, 2007

New Cd

Walt Powell is currently working on his new CD....Set to be released sometime around the end of 2007.

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