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Yung V The Prince Of Knoxville

""I Wanna Have Em Lovin' Me Like Ma$e In 98""

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It's ya boi, Yung 2 tha, Yucka, Yucka, Yung V, and I'm back in da, back in da, back in da building, R3 Entertainment is Now Aphilliated with West Coast Mafia Records. Dub C M Gang in the building with me, C-Bo in the building with me, Nina Ross, you know she in the building with me, P. Moses, Mercedes, Mr. Serv-On, where ya'll at, Blu Chez, DJ Dred, Raymond B., Mick D, Tha Syndicate, SoSpo The Hak Mob Bully, Mike Marshall AKA Mike Meezy, what's good, my dudes? We Here Now!!! R3, Yung V, Dub C M GANG!!!!



September 19, 2007

Blu Chez Birthday Blow Out!!!

Malibu 7, Magnolia Avenue, Friday Oct 13, 10 PM


More Details Soon!!!

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Male, 45, Midway, GA

Posted November 23, 2008

Nice songs.
Need beats I got it for every style.