mzinked_tatz writin up sumthin real quick for sumone im feelin on tha trill an then bussin up out wit my sxy P.R. self - May 06, 2013 add/view comments (6)

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OMFG milltown got professional haters up innit on this like it a dam fulltime job
Im sayin U cant even begin to believe how tha h8Rs wuz fillin up my inbox wit 100 notes each an i couldnt even figure out which ones was legit then my lil snitch boi ex trey found my page im sunday night on 5/5/13..i am droppin this message for the one sxy baay i wuz feeling on if that aint you..then y u still readin this then hater? bay i cant wait to see u tonite..dont wanna watch this movie all by mahself. I got 2 bottles ready for us bby so make sure u can call into work late for monday, or fucc it jus dont go in, i already called in sick till wednesday cuz i dont wanna miss tha heat game tomoro at 7...I left you a note explainin errthang check yo inbox ttys booboo..n u can stop readin right at this point on my page cuz i dont want u seein wut im sayin to tha haters an think im ratchet <3

Errbody else i dont kno or one of my haters readin this message..did u think u wuz accomplishing anything sendin me 20-15 notes a dam day? think dat issh funny? well i didnt read a single one of if u think a single fucc was given bout being run up off this spot..ur wrong...i only left this msg for 1 person. So he would see it if he hit my page and remind him to check his inbox. He was respectful an didnt trash my dam inbox wit abunch of bullllisssh fam! S M F H...Plz dont even get it twisted an think im leavin this msg hopin to make somebody mad...cuz i dont care bout yall hatin ppl enough to giva single gotdaam fucc! Trey an errbody else that hmu talkin all kind of issh fillin my box up with HUNDREDS of notes...i feel bad for you ppl for real..u got time to hate on me cuz u aint got no life! But imma keep my Peurto Rican sexy self 100 keep livin my yung money tatted n sexy life in spite of u thats wasup...i wont be back to hear wut none of u got to say cuz im out! P E A C E


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