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Hey Hey Black Planet what's good? I figured since it was a new year I would once again update my page a little so here we go. O.k lets get the about me section out of the way first lol. I am 34 and single. Very down to earth and easy to get along with. I don't have to say how I look because well because you can look at the pics and see for yourself. OH and im like 5'5 for all the people that want to know. I am a small business owner and I am also attending school. Well enough about me lol. I have been off and on this site for a while and for the most part people have never let me down. I mean if you don't expect much you cant be let down right (just kidding). No really I have met some really cool people and trust me if your one of them you know it because I still talk to you on the regular. I am not looking for a man up here or for a butt buddy or anything like that. I am just on for fun. But that doesn't mean I am not open to making friends but that is only if you can be a real friend. Alright now fellas can you PLEASE answer some questions for me and be 100% honest while doing so? These questions are not all about me but things I have heard women talk about and I want to know the answer. 1. Why is it when a man gets out of a relationship he feels he needs time to heal and doesn't want to get into a relationship but he can feel like he is ready to hop in the bed with someone? 2. Why when a woman tells you all she wants is for you to be honest no matter what most men cant? 3. why is it that men are always talking about why should they have to make up for the last mans mistakes but then turn right around and not do something for his new woman because the ex didn't appreciate it. 4.Why do men say they don't want a relationship but as soon as they see or hear the female is with someone else they flip out. 5. Why do most of the guys on BP say they want a real woman but then act like a real jerk when they find one? 6.Why cant men just say what they want? If they only want to have sex with a female why don't they just say that instead of acting like they want to know who the female really is? These are just a few questions that are on my mind right now. You don't have to answer all the questions but it would be cool to just see what men think. And hey im not your girl so you can be honest with me ;)

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