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Neighborhood Watcher Stalks and Shoots Teen in Sanford Florida

  • Category: Culture
  • Posted: March 18, 2012

Sandford has yet to issue an arrest warrant for the murderer of this boy carrying nothing more than a bag of Skittles. This teen's last moments on this earth were fear...not understanding why

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Male, Age Private, San Diego, CA

Posted March 19, 2012

standard operational procedures in the good ol' US of A...


Male, 43, Tampa, FL

Posted March 20, 2012

he got away with a assult on a officer before, this is the second time they look the other way..... both he and the police Sargent have German last names, dont be surprised if they notizes .... why the special treatment by the cops ?????????/


Male, Age Private, United Kingdom

Posted March 20, 2012

the reason why this parasitic jewish german is walking around is because of the british castle doctrine
which Florida calls'' stand your ground''

way to go it seems in Florida you can shoot someone for any reason then claim
your life and property was in danger and you will be legally protected
this limitation castle doctrine it seems was removed as a measure of protecting women in '' domestic abuse case who kills their abuser from prosecution. greatly supported by the NRA

Trayvon martin is dead because of that expanded doctrine
his killer is reported to have studied criminal ''law''
so he was & is pretty aware of that statute and used it to justify his hatred for black folks

and i surmise that was also the reason why he got away with allegedly assaulting a cop
also it seems he had wanted to be a cop

when s media perpetually portray black young people as criminals degenerates ( WHICH IS AN ACT OF TERRORISM) it is important for black people to overstand both common law and statutory policies
the media owners are also responsible for the death of this young man it is their overt attack on the image of black people
that bred that azzhole
and who owns the media
the parasitic so-called jewish
this savage situation and the jewish policies of constant assault on black folks is another remind of why black folks must sankofa to overstand that those parasitic jewish are enemies .

hey blacq
how you doing


Male, 32, Chattanooga, TN

Posted March 20, 2012

<img src=http://i1069.photobucket.c om/albums/u476/marry38382/ g>
Ha,Awesome I think it's great
[img]http://i1069.photobucket. com/albums/u476/marry38382/xra y.jpg[/img]


Male, Age Private, United Kingdom

Posted March 20, 2012


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''Many of the sub-divisions are gated or in the process of becoming gated b/c of the high incidences of theft from lower class and lower working class ''

i see your point

but ain't that a shame that these people are basically build a prison wall for themselves?
the ''lower class'' ( inclusive of all not amongst the 1%) are not the problem
they are in fact the wealthy ones cause it seems they are the ones always bailing the ''so-called rich''

the problem is some of the people within the lower class are trying to distant themselves from a problem that is like a virus
they build prison walls to keep out the .. yet their real valuables are in the grasp of the so-called rich

this young did not have to die
if those with the false ideology of class status had,from time overstood who the real criminals were and are .
it is human nature to do what it takes to survive in the face of hardship
when the collective resources of a nation is gifted to privateers
then degradation is the end game.
imagine that that young son lived in a gated area and still got killed a young whom according to report was never in trouble even in school a model child smh

a gated community that should have been a safe haven became his death. sentence.
this situation is gonna get worse and more young innocent people are gonna end up dead as the real poor ( the rich) continue to be allowed to accumulate the wealth of the real rich (the 99% )( the poor aka ''lower'' class & so-called middle class who are nothing but working beggars as things stands. thus lower class also ) while every body live a delusional life thinking the contents of their abode is a worthy legacies to leave their children. and future generations
they are willing to kill to protect the contents within their loaned abodes
yet are silent to nor do anything about the theft of their real wealth by bakers and their cohorts politicians.
they show trust for these people looking at them as good privateers to model themselves on
they would overstood why their indifference to the over-all situations and the situation of their fellow earth people is a direct invite to the privateers and their gated communities will only become the cross of their own Crucifixion..

like the saying goes the poor shall inherit the kingdom of the rich
i would like to add
and when the rich become the poor they shall turn on each other. and kill each other for crumbs as the privateers walks off with their collective wealth.
that is one reason why this young is dead.

am good my dear friend it good to see you back.
bless bless

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