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So here is a question for the Women

  • Category: Odd
  • Posted: February 02, 2013

So im working out at my Gym and a she hulk (check link) enters the weight room, now i can appreciate a woman working out but im sorry the steroid induced mucled bound freak that appeared infront of me was bout to make me lose my lunch.

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Male, 35, Snellville, GA

Posted February 02, 2013

So i asked a chick was this the growing trend nowaday, as so many dudes are being encouraged to go Fag and is this what women are supposed to be up to, The chick said she saw no problem with this, and furthermore went on to say that i was being shallow and if a woman wanted to this especially if she wanted to compete her man should support her, even if she was a woman when they 1st met, and later decides to become a creature. Now i had to blast that crazy broad, but her sentiments were echoed by several other chicks, but here is the funny thing when i switched the scenario and said if there man decided he wanted to compete for ms Drag universe would you support they all said OH HELL NO!!! i didnt even get tot he part of them growing breast and other surgery and they started freaking out.... So to sum it up its ok for a woman to Grow as big or bigger than her man lose her breast, hips %#&@$!, everything we find attractive in a woman, and we must support them cause we are to love them. But women should be bury a dude if he so much as glances as lipstick?? please help me to understand this Logic women??


Male, Age Private, Brooklyn, NY

Posted February 02, 2013

i very much welcome a woman who disciplines herself enough to have herself in the gym and take care of her body....

i once had a female who worked at rikers island who was in2 weight training
and she looked good cuz she did it in moderation not go overboard

which brings us here...the provided link brings us 2 a spot where the majority of them went overboard and started to look like what i call "MAN-SIZE"

serena williams could be considered "MAN-SIZE" but she is soft in the face meaning she look like a woman
then you have some that are "MAN-SIZE" and they hard in the face causing them to look like a man instead of a woman

and as foryour argument bout accepting dem 4 looking like ray lewis hell its always been like that

but its always funny to see how un-accepting they are of NOT THE MAN BUT THEIR OWN MAN BEING IN DRAG OR THE LEAST BIT LESS MASCULINE AND THEY WONT ACCEPT SHYT but always want you to accept them


Male, Age Private, San Diego, CA

Posted February 04, 2013

muscular chicks are not feminine...

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