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Detroit Woman Shot To Death Seeking Help After Car Accident

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Female, 53, Chicago, IL

Posted November 06, 2013

She about was racially profiled because she was black. Those stupid white people and those stupid foreign people act as if we are the ones out to get them when it is really them out to get us. Those ignorant white people think that just because they have a right to a gun that they can just go around shooting up and killing black people. That girl is not here to tell her side of the story once she had knocked on the door. That stupid racist white man could have just talked with her through his door and then called the police for her. All of these white people and all of these foreign people are born mentally disturbed and that is why they just do things without thinking first. Their brains are damaged. He should not get away with that just because he is a stupid born mentally disturbed racist white man. She did not pull any weapon out on him. Some of those racist white people tend to panic when they see black people in certain places and i tend to panic and become frighten when i see white people and foreign people in certain places but i would not be foolish enough to shoot them with a loaded gun unless they seem to be a threat to me. Those racist white people and those racist foreign people will give black people a very god reason not to trust them.


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