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TOTALLY INNOCENT People Should Avoid Talking to Law Enforcement

Basically, if you're ever in any trouble with police and want to keep your mouth shut,you will need to announce that you're invoking your Fifth Amendment rightinstead of, you know, just keeping your mouth shut. "Petitioner's Fifth Amendment claim fails because he did not expressly invoke the privilege against self-incrimination in response to the officer's question," reads the [Supreme Court] opinion .

It's Not Andy Griffith's America Any More

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Female, 54, Chicago, IL

Posted November 07, 2013

A law school professor and former criminal defense attorney explains why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.

I do not know what he said but this is what i say. For one the police thinks that everybody tell lies but them. Secondly they can not be trusted. Thirdly they will turn your story around and lie on you. Fourth they will not write down the whole truth and they probably would not believe what you say anyway and reasons to not be interviewed by them can just go on and on.

The Supreme Court rules you no longer have the right to remain silent.

Pleading the Fifth Amendment is only telling me that you are lieing or either you are hiding something { did you do it or do you know who did it }?

About the only way that a person can self incrminate themselves is if they are lieing about something or if you are making yourself look suspicious. If you do not really know what happen then just say so without hesitating.

If you are innocent then you must be very careful of what you say to the Law Enforcment because all that they want to do is take someone to jail and lock them up and even if that person is innocent.

Those Court Rooms will have a person to raise their right hand to tell the truth and the whole truth but those Courts be lieing on people themselves.

Sometimes people want to plead the Fifth because they might not want the little that they know to get them in trouble or get another person in trouble because of the little that they know about that person.


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