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Teen Avoids Prison Because He's Wealthy

Ethan Couch Sentenced To Probation In Crash That Killed 4 After Defense Argued He Had 'Affluenza'

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Female, 54, Chicago, IL

Posted December 14, 2013

I have noticed the one thing about those other race of people and that is they really do not like to mention the race of the suspect in question. In other words you black people will commit a crime for reasons different from those born mentally disturbed other race of people will.

Meaning yall have a totally different mindset then theirs are. In other words yall are on something else then they are.

In God's eyes it does not matter if you are poor or wealthy if you commit the crime then you must do the time. (you can not pay God to get you off of the hanging hook if you are found to be the guilty one). Meaning just try to avoid the crimes instead. Think before you act. Accidents do happen and that is why we can not see it beforehand. So be careful or rather act right.

God expect much better behavior out of you black race of people and especially after those lying racist dogs will get caught for beating yall down and killing yall up for nothing that yall have did wrong.



Male, Age Private, Park Forest, IL

Posted December 15, 2013

Two sets of laws , one for the rich and one for anyone else. The minimal sentence this boy should have been given is incarceration in a juvenile detention center until the age of 21 if they were to try him as a juvenile. Now given the statements he made the night of the accident ,he should have been charged as an ADULT.I don't know sentencing guidelines for vehicular manslaughter ,but here in Illinois its 7 to 14 years in prison , so theres no way the judge could justify this sentence. Hopefully the prosecution appeals this case to a higher court.

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