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San Fran Suspend Shocking Number Of Black Kids on 'Willful Defiance

in San Francisco show that African-American students represented only 8 percent of the city's public high school kids last school year. Yet 50 percent of high school students suspended for misbehavior labeled "willful defiance" were black.

Willful defiance is a vague, catchall category for disruptive student behavior that can range from arriving late to using foul language to refusing to obey instructions.

The district's black and Latino students are 10 percent and 23 percent,

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Female, 54, Chicago, IL

Posted December 14, 2013

The majority of those young black guys may be acting that way when it comes to public schooling is because their brain are most likely programmed to receive other messages then what those teachers are teaching them.

When I was in grammar school and my 9th grade of high school, right today I truly do not remember what I was taught because I forgot everything. I truly believe that my brain was programmed to take in other information to other then what I was being taught at school.

In other words like I have stated once or twice before God will send a lot of his male Angels and Geniuses down. I learned a lot from observing, listening, thinking and paying attention. Sometimes other people could not teach me anything I had to learn from life's experiences and that is what those young black guys are about going through right now. A person my have to be a Genius or a god of the planet earth to speak to them for they to better understand the words coming out of that person mouth. We had a class room called mental heath when I was growing up.

I went to school with all black kids and we had many of black teacher's to.


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