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Man attacked by robber,fights back, is charged with murder

A robber attacked Washington D.C. tow truck driver, striking him in the head with a gun, but the driver successfully fought back and now faces a murder charge-Stoddard attempted to run away, but tripped and fell. Crouch repeatedly struck him in the head with the gun, according to The Washington Post.


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Male, 57, Austell, GA

Posted January 05, 2014

For some it's 'stand your ground', for others, it's stand around.


Female, 55, Coleman, FL

Posted January 06, 2014

hmmm let's see....
the perp pulled a gun and threatened the victim's life
the victim attempted to run but slipped and fell and got pistol-whipped in the head --- repeatedly
the victim tossed his wallet and the perp-dog went to fetch it
....then the victim entered his tow-truck and smashed the perp with his hammer. perp dies later from injuries. victim ... how is the victim after being repeatedly struck over and over again in his head with a gun?
it seems to me that the tow truck driver was in a life and death situation. It appears to be an armed robbery in progress, but with blows to the head by the perp, this was no mere robbery; the perp was trying to murder the driver over a green car and a wallet with probably little to no cash (who carries cash these days? )
Now, who knows whether or not the gun is loaded and who gives a fluck? pull a gun, assume it's loaded. beat down with a gun, assume head bashing can cause death.
assuming the gun is loaded, who's to say the perp wouldn't fire into the tow truck to finish what the headbashing did not? cause anybody in their right mind would assume a pulled gun is loaded and who would chance that the gun is just a prop?

I say the driver was correct because it is more than apparent that he is in fear of his very life being taken away by some low-life thug.

the thug had a death wish... for the driver...the driver turned the table and rightly defended himself. The driver had not achieved 'safe-haven', ergo he was still in imminent life threatening danger.

This, to me, is a clear case of stand your ground.
Arresting the tow-truck driver is an injustice.
This is not 2nd degree murder even if temper was involved. That is just stupid to charge Stoddard with anything. Stoddard is innocent and was clearly defending himself. A bullet flies faster than the speed of light, a tow-truck might be able to burn rubber---eventually getting Stoddard to a safe-haven distance from the would be murderer/robber.

Drop those charges and free Stoddard.

And that's real. Bullets penetrate glass and steel... ask a cop they done got shot through glass and steel. Stoddard was not safe. He had every right to defend himself by whatever means he deemed necessary. .... or he couldn't just what ? jumped crouch and struggled for control of the gun with a bashed head and all.

Drop the danm charges.



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