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Criminal Homeland Security Plan to legalize Illegal Aliens?

DHS must be prepared to implement reform. So to prepare for this potential outcome, I have already directed the deputy director of homeland security to coordinate the process to ensure we are ready to implement the law," Johnson said Friday at the Woodrow Wilson International Center,-He praised the House Republicans recent statement of principles on immigration, calling them a "serious step forward" that "contains a lot to work with."

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Female, 53, Chicago, IL

Posted February 10, 2014

Those illegal aliens or rather those non citizenship foreigners plan is to try and take over this american country just like their leader the foreign president obama is doing_Those know so much suppose to be intelligent white people are sleeping on that though_I believe that those white people are afraid of those foreigners for the reason of them allowing them to get away with so much wrong doing in this american country_I ain't scared or afraid of them and if it was my job to do I would just kill them or deport them and their damn kids_How in the hell are you as a foreigner from another country going to come to my american country and tell us what the hell to do_Sh!t do they have yall twisted? If so yall better un whine and straighten that sh!t out__usfg/cia/mrd

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